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“I am AAA. My research on mental health and health disparities is at the heart of AAA’s mission to address human suffering around the globe. My recent work has examined the biocultural processes behind high rates of diabetes and depression among women in India. In addition to ethnography, it offers culturally grounded methodological approaches to supplement efforts in global mental health to measure and treat mental health cross-culturally.”

“My research focuses on how experiences with armed conflict shape possibilities for trust in communities of former combatants and their victims living together at the ends of war. I examine the reach and limits of state and NGO interventions intended to foster reconciliation in such communities, and the novel ways in which participants take up and circulate intervention discourses and practices. I am a collaborator on interdisciplinary research teams, as well as a solo ethnographer. I am AAA.”

"Understanding maternal mortality requires working with and understanding history, communities, clinicians, governments, and pregnant women themselves; medical anthropology does just that. I am AAA because I have seen first-hand how medical anthropology can help save pregnant women's lives when clinicians alone cannot."

“I am AAA because anthropology provides a holistic outlook and the tools to dismantle the health disparities I see in the communities where I work.”

"Anthropology challenges me to appreciate the multitude of ways we engage with microbes and medicines in this world. I am a medical anthropologist examining antibiotic resistance and the use of antibiotics in the United States. The particular methods and theories of medical anthropology are essential to understanding the social, cultural, historical, and political overlays in the prescribing practices of hospital-based physicians. I am AAA."

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