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"Understanding maternal mortality requires working with and understanding history, communities, clinicians, governments, and pregnant women themselves; medical anthropology does just that. I am AAA because I have seen first-hand how medical anthropology can help save pregnant women's lives when clinicians alone cannot."

"Every day, anthropology provides me the holistic framework for understanding the social relations and meanings that undergird how we differently experience health and wellness. Anthropology helps me go deep, to talk about the roots of inequalities and to start to implement and sustain better therapeutic practices. I am AAA."

“I am AAA because anthropology provides a holistic outlook and the tools to dismantle the health disparities I see in the communities where I work.”

"Anthropology challenges me to appreciate the multitude of ways we engage with microbes and medicines in this world. I am a medical anthropologist examining antibiotic resistance and the use of antibiotics in the United States. The particular methods and theories of medical anthropology are essential to understanding the social, cultural, historical, and political overlays in the prescribing practices of hospital-based physicians. I am AAA."

Chu Paing

Chu Paing

PhD Candidate, University of Colorado Boulder

“When people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I used to answer "a scientist" and later "an anthropologist". I had no idea what anthropologists study then, but I knew I enjoyed watching people engaged in their daily activities from the window of my childhood home's second floor. There was no climax, no plot, or no ending, but there was always something meaningful there in those facial expressions, those choices of fabric, and those changing tones of voice. Now, I am more than happy to be pursuing a career in a field where my childhood affinity is put to use in a professional setting. My childhood home has been long demolished, but I am still here watching people at bustling tea shops in Taunggyi, peaceful pagoda compounds in Mandalay, and crowded buses of Yangon nowadays.”

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