Nominations & Elections

It’s the time of the year when we start looking for new leaders for the AAA Board and the Nominations Committee. We hope that many of you will consider nominating your former favorite AAA Section board members and leaders AND self-nominating yourselves, to take the AAA where you want it to go! The deadline for nominations is Sunday, October 15th.

We are looking for candidates for the Executive Board and the Nominations Committee. Any AAA member can nominate another AAA member for one of the open positions by filling out a nomination form. The AAA member who is nominated will receive a message from us and then must fill out and sign a form to accept the nomination. Alternatively, any AAA member can self-nominate for an available position, supplying the name of a reference who can write a support letter; this supporter does not have to be a AAA member.

Each nominee or self-nominee may apply to run for up to three positions. However, the member will have to go through the same process of being nominated or self-nominating, and will have to enter the nomination process by filling the acceptance form for each position.

Please keep in mind that after receiving all nominations and self-nominations, the Nominations Committee has much work ahead. Before the 2023 AAA Annual Meeting, our Nominations Committee will compose a slate where two candidates will compete for each position. To ensure the fairness of the elections, we generally select those candidates who have comparable experience, and compose a ballot that the AAA Board could approve, as they have the final say. Those who are not selected to run on the ballot should consider self-nominating for positions again next year!

For the Executive Board we are looking for candidates with leadership experience in their sections or places of work; if they have been Chairs, section board members or members of other boards, all the better. AAA Section Board experience is a big plus but not a requisite. Please think hard of people you know who’re good leaders and scholars and nominate them for a position. This year we are looking for a special person to be the new Secretary of our Association. The Secretary chairs the Nominations Committee, so we need someone who has leadership experience and a wide scholarly network.

The Nominations Committee is probably the most heart-warming committee of the AAA. Its members get to hear and discuss how wonderful our colleagues are. For this committee we need individuals that know many people within their own cohort and across generations; having students, mid-career anthropologists and senior anthropologists from across the entire discipline is a must. We need AAA members who have board experience (whether inside or outside the AAA) and wide networks. Please think of yourself and your favorite AAA members for these positions.

List of Open Positions

Executive Board

  • Secretary 
  • Cultural Seat 
  • Student Seat 
  • Undesignated Seat #1 
  • Undesignated Seat #2 

Nominations Committee

  • Practicing/Professional Seat 
  • Minority Seat 

Learn more about the roles and responsibilities for each position.

Helpful Hints Personal Statement Examples

If you have questions or need assistance with the nomination/application process, please contact Meagan Shirley, the AAA staff member who supports the Nominations Committee.

Past Election Results

Voting for AAA and section elections takes place in April and May.