Field Schools & Internships

Search Field School Opportunities In the AnthroGuide

Field schools provide the training ground for anthropology students to learn field methods and gain experience. Search the online AnthroGuide for field school opportunities in archaeology, linguistic anthropology, sociocultural anthropology, and biological anthropology. Need help finding the perfect opportunity? Consider reaching out to your local museums and zoos, your State or local Tribal Historic Preservation offices, or explore your school’s study abroad opportunities and international organizations.

Search Internship Opportunities in the AnthroGuide

Internships offer invaluable opportunities to gain experience in your chosen field. Search the online AnthroGuide for institutions that offer internships to aspiring anthropologists. However, don’t be afraid to veer of the beaten path and consider internships that are non-traditional for anthropology students.

As part of the AAA’s new Comprehensive Policy on Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault, we now require field schools and other research experiences advertised on our website or through AAA-supported social media, draft and make available on demand a code of conduct prohibiting sexual assault and sexual harassment. Appropriate reporting mechanisms for those who do experience or witness sexual harassment or sexual assault will also be required.