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Participate in our auto-renewal program to instantly extend your AAA membership every year. This is a convenient, reliable, and secure way to pay your annual dues, while enjoying uninterrupted access to benefits, resources, and our community of anthropologists.

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Membership Pages

  • Member Benefits

    AAA Members gain access to sections and interest groups, networking opportunities, articles on AnthroSource, and much more.

  • Sections

    Section memberships enhance the benefits of AAA by providing access to specialized leadership and mentoring opportunities.

  • Membership Types

    From professional to student and international to retired, there's a AAA membership type for you.

  • Member Advocate Program

    Our annual refer-a-friend campaign to show our appreciation for members’ contribution to the Association’s growth.

  • Interest Groups

    Members may have an optional membership to one or more of these interest groups at no charge.

  • Membership FAQs

    Find information and answers to commonly asked questions about new or current AAA memberships.

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