• AnthroSource

    A digital searchable database containing past, present and future AAA publications,
    more than 250,000 articles from AAA journals, newsletters, bulletins and monographs in a single place, and 24/7 access to scientific research information across the field of anthropology.

  • Anthropology News

    The AAA's award-winning member magazine published digitally. We develop insightful anthropology stories for anthropologists and anyone with an interest in anthropology. Our aim is to champion engaging, incisive anthropology writing and multimodal content from across the discipline.

  • American Anthropologist

    AAA's flagship journal, with more than one million article downloads each year. The journal advances research on humankind in all its aspects, encompassing archaeological, biological, sociocultural, and linguistic research.

  • Anthropology Book Forum

    Anthropology Book Forum publishes reviews of books and films for a general anthropological audience from every subfield and cognate disciplines. This award-winning, entirely open-access platform publishes new content each week.

  • Open Anthropology

    Open Anthropology is the digital-only, public journal of the AAA. Recent issues of Open Anthropology have explored Pandemic Perspectives, Hearing Women Talk, and Walls, Fences, and Barriers: Anthropology on the Border

  • Open Anthropology Research Repository

    OARR is a community server established to improve and accelerate the discovery and dissemination of anthropological work, including preprints, teaching materials, and papers and posters presented at disciplinary meetings.

  • Collections

    Collections is an anthology of articles published across the AAA portfolio of scholarly journals related to the most topical issues of the day.

How to Get Your Research Article Published

Submitting and publishing research articles in peer-reviewed journals can be perplexing for scholars of all levels, and junior scholars often have few resources to assist with navigating the process. AAA provides information on where you can get your article published.

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  • Reprints and Permissions

    The American Anthropological Association (AAA) is happy to accept requests to copy and reprint articles from its publications.

  • Publications Through the Years

    From the American Anthropologist to Anthropology and Humanism, find AAA publications from over the years.

  • Journal and Book Donations

    AAA members are encouraged to contribute to the growth of the discipline by donating to institutions overseas.

  • Publishing Style Guide

    As of September 2015, AAA style (for all publications) follows the Chicago Manual of Style, 17th edition, particularly in regard to reference citations.