Rough Translation (NPR)

How are the things we're talking about being talked about somewhere else in the world? Gregory Warner tells stories that follow familiar conversations into unfamiliar territory. At a time when the world seems small but it's as hard as ever to escape our echo chambers, Rough Translation takes you places.

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Anthro Apology

The Anthro Apology podcast is associated with the Anthropology Club at George Mason University.  It's run by undergraduate students who aim to open up a dialogue about student and faculty's anthropological research. We also aim to highlight past injustices in the field and promoting future ethical research to combat past narratives. Join us to learn from experts in the field and explore anthropological concepts with students and professors alike.

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A story of us

A Story of Us

Welcome to A Story of Us brought to you by the graduate students of Anthropology at The Ohio State University in partnership with the American Anthropological Association.

The mission of the A Story of Us podcast is to increase public understanding and access to the field of anthropology. We seek to identify who anthropologists are, what we study, and how we perform our research. We also seek to explain why anthropology is relevant to understanding diversity, our origins, human variation, and behavior. All episodes are produced in a way that is understandable to listeners who have little to no anthropology background.

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APLA presents Academic Hiring Rituals: Job-Seeking Internationally for Anthropologists

Academic Hiring Rituals

This series on academic hiring for anthropologists asks academics in different countries with considerable experience on hiring committees how hiring works in their academic systems to enable applicants to navigate these different processes.

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Anthro Dish with Sarah Duignan


AnthroDish is a podcast about food, culture, and identity, where host and anthropology PhD student Sarah Duignan interviews guests on food-related topics that speak to their experiences or expertise surrounding food. AnthroDish explores the many ways in which food relates to our cultures (and sub-cultures), as well as the role food plays in maintaining or changing personal and community identities. If you’re curious about the new and exciting food research coming out of academia, or you’re interested in the unique and fascinating lives of everyday people who have been shaped by their relationship with food, this show is for you!

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Anthrolactology podcast logo


Anthrolactology is a podcast about breastfeeding, science, and society! Tune in to hear Drs. Aunchalee Palmquist, EA Quinn, and Cecilia interview other anthropologists and human lactation researchers about the latest breastfeeding science, technology, news, and cultural dilemmas.

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This anthro life podcast logo

This Anthro Life

Life is complicated, but we love simple answers. AI and robotics are changing the nature of work. Emojis change the way we write. Fossil Fuels were once the engine of progress, now we’re in a race to change how we power the planet. We’re constantly trying to save ourselves…from ourselves. This Anthro Life brings you smart conversations with humanity’s top makers and minds to make sense of it all. We dig into truth and hope in our creative potential through design, culture, and technology. Change your perspective. Crafted + Hosted by Dr. Adam Gamwell. From Missing Link Studios in Boston, MA.

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Anthro Pod from Cultural Anthropology Journal of the society for cultural anthropology


AnthroPod is produced by the Society for Cultural Anthropology, a section of the AAA.

In each episode of Anthropod, we explore what anthropologists and anthropology can teach us about the world and people around us.

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Anthropological airwaves podcast logo

Anthropological Airwaves

Anthropological Airwaves is American Anthropologist’s flagship podcast, exploring the craft of anthropology in all of its forms. Building on the journal’s commitment to four-field, multi-modal research, the podcast hosts conversations about anthropological projects—from fieldwork and publishing to the discipline’s role in public debates. By demystifying the craft of anthropology, the podcast broaches a series of fundamental questions about past, present, and future disciplinary practice, and charts new paths for anthropological engagement.

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RadioCIAMS is a podcast of the Cornell Institute of Archaeology and Material Studies. Our mission: to probe the critical debates in archaeology in conversation between leading practitioners and the next generation of researchers.

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Anthropotamus podcast logo


Anthropotamus is an anthropology podcast inspired by two friends who are majoring in anthropology and who had a desire to not only keep up with the latest research but to bring the love of anthropology to others. Anthropotamus covers archaeology, cultural, and biological anthropology topics. New episodes interviewing anthropologists and their current work are released on the first of every month. Book reviews are released on the 15th of every month.

In addition, Anthropotamus hosts a Clubhouse book discussion on the first Sunday of each month. The book schedule can be found on their Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Anthropologist on the street podcast logo

Anthropologist on the Street

How many ways are there to be human? Each week Anthropologist on the Street Dr. Carie Little Hersh invites another anthropologist or cultural expert to illuminate the hidden ideas, practices, and power dynamics that make our lives both familiar and strange.

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Speaking of Race podcast logo

Speaking of Race

“How did race become such a flashpoint in modern society, and why does it remain contentious in our genomic age?” In this first-of-its-kind transdisciplinary podcast, biological anthropologist Jim Bindon joins with cultural anthropologist Lesley Jo Weaver and historian of science Erik L. Peterson to explore our species’ centuries-long debate over how to define the physiological and psychological difference, and why it continues to matter today.

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The Familiar strange podcast logo

The Familiar Strange

The Familiar Strange is a podcast about doing anthropology: that is, about listening, looking, trying out, and being with, in pursuit of uncommon knowledge about humans and culture. In intimate one-on-one conversations and open panel discussions, the hosts (four PhD students) and our guests (senior academics and experts) explore the world, dissect anthropological method and practice, and work to build a global anthropology community.

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Online Gods podcast logo

Online Gods

Online Gods is part theoretical exploration into some of the key concepts in the anthropology of media, and part research into how increased online interaction is changing the public sphere. Taking India and the India diaspora as its focal point, the podcast continues the anthropological tradition of bringing the global and the specific into conversation with one another as it analyses what online discussions do to political participation, displays of faith, and feelings of national belonging. Hosted by Ian M. Cook, Online Gods is a key initiative of the European Research Council funded project ONLINERPOL led by Sahana Udupa at LMU Munich.

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SAPIENS: A Podcast for Everything Human

The SAPIENS podcast speaks with anthropologists from around the globe to help us uncover what makes us human. Each season tackles different questions through different forms of storytelling. Through deep dives, interviews, and conversations, the podcast has covered everything from DNA and identity to police violence and the pandemic to the pathbreaking work of Black and Indigenous archaeologists. Join us to see our world in new ways through the window of anthropology.

Based on SAPIENS magazine, the SAPIENS podcast is an editorially independent series supported by the Wenner-Gren Foundation and produced by House of PodListen and subscribe, wherever you get your podcasts.

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The Dirt podcast logo

The Dirt

Every Sunday on The Dirt, Anna and Amber bring you exciting stories about all the weird, amazing, mysterious, and fascinating human past we all share!

Over here at The Dirt, our curiosity never quits when it comes to the human story! Whether it’s eerie happenings or early hominins, there’s always a great story to tell.

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Sausage of Science

Sausage of Science is a podcast for the Public Relations Committee of the Human Biology Association. We interview relevant visiting lecturers and cast edits of their lectures and (more and more) do short-form interviews of colleagues with recent publications, especially ones in the American Journal of Human Biology.

best, C.

Best, C.

Best, C. Podcast is a student-run project initiated in March 2017 by Sociology & Anthropology graduate students Anne-Marie Turcotte, John Bryans and Kris Millett, all members of Concordia University’s Ethnography Lab in Montreal Canada. While Best, C. offers a fun, accessible platform for the diffusion of student research via an informal interview format, it also turns the lens back on the people behind the research and the atypical journeys taken that renders them singular and captivating.

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Conversations In Anthropology podcast logo

Conversations in Anthropology

Conversations in Anthropology is a podcast about life, the universe, and anthropology produced by David Boarder Giles, Timothy Neale, Cameo Dalley, Mythily Meher, and Matt Barlow. Each episode features an anthropologist or two in conversation, discussing anthropology and what it has to tell us in the twenty-first century. This podcast is made with support from the Faculty of Arts & Education at Deakin University.

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Coastal Routes Radio podcast logo

Coastal Routes Radio

Coastal Routes Radio features stories of coastal community resilience and innovation around North America. Their premiere episodes are part of a special series called, “Social FISHtancing”, which investigates the impacts of the COVID-19 on fishing families and communities. Each week they’ll speak with people from small-scale fisheries to follow along with how they are being impacted and how they are responding to shifting seafood markets and consumer needs. Coastal Routes Radio is produced at the University of Guelph and is an initiative of the Coastal Routes project, a network of researchers, coastal communities, and non-profit organizations all united by our mission of supporting verdant, sustainable, and just coastal livelihoods and places.

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That Anthro Podcast logo

That Anthro Podcast

That Anthro Podcast investigates different topics in anthropology, as well as interviewing a wide range of guests to hear about some of their experiences and learn about the remarkable research they are producing. This podcast is based out of UC Santa Barbara, and guests will include professors, graduate students, alumni, and more.

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Georgia Center for Theologically Engaged Anthropology


CTEAPOD highlights the work of anthropologists and theologians who utilize frameworks supporting Theologically Engaged Anthropology.

Zora's Daughters Podcast Logo

Zora’s Daughters

Zora’s Daughters is a society and culture podcast that uses Black feminist anthropology to think about race, politics, and popular culture.

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Mergers and Acquisitions podcast Logo

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions is a multi-media blog and podcast series produced by the Society for Economic Anthropology. Recognizing that the best ideas and insights are rarely generated alone, Mergers and Acquisitions offers a collective mind-hive for furthering the study of economic life, aims to highlight current research in the field of economic anthropology, and showcases how anthropological perspectives speak to a range of contemporary economic issues.

CAMPO um podcast de antropologia


CAMPO, an anthropological podcast (Campo means field in Portuguese) presents in a simple way important debates in Anthropology, in short episodes and organized in thematic seasons. Our research work is aimed at the production of women from peripheral countries and/or associated with other types of social minorities. Our goal is to foster this type of academic production and intellectual debate.

CAMPO is produced by Paula Lacerda (State University of Rio de Janeiro- Brazil) and Carolina Parreiras (State University of Campinas – Brazil)

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Pulled Up Short Podcast Logo

Pulled Up Short

Pulled Up Short is a podcast that aims to create moments of being “pulled up short”—experiences of surprise and curiosity when we encounter an idea, text, or experience that challenges our ways of thinking and deeply held assumptions about the world. Each episode features a different insight, with each one asking us to entertain the possibility of a different worldview and re-examine some of our presuppositions.

Pulled Up Short is created and produced by Dean Stanton Wortham at Boston College Lynch School of Education & Human Development.

BLK IRL Podcast logo


The BLK IRL Podcast is an audio docuseries that explores the business of “influencing” and the power dynamics at play in the act of cultural exchange. Each episode dissects themes related to race in the influencer economy through research and conversational interviews with predominantly Black content creators, scholars, entrepreneurs, activists, marketing experts, and cultural critics.

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Anthropology in business with Matt Artz Podcast Logo

Anthropology in Business

The Anthropology in Business podcast is for anthropologists and business leaders interested in learning more about the many ways anthropology is applied in business and why business anthropology is one of the most effective lenses for making sense of organizations and consumers. It is hosted by Matt Artz, a business anthropologist specializing in design anthropology and working at the intersection of product management, user experience, and business strategy.

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Nutrire CoLab Podcast Logo

Nutrire CoLab

Nutrire CoLab explores eating, feeding, caring, and healing from a critical medical and feminist anthropological lens.

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Anthro to UX with Matt Artz

Anthro to UX with Matt Artz

The Anthro to UX podcast is for anthropologists looking to break into user experience (UX) research. Through conversations with leading anthropologists working in UX, you will learn firsthand how others made the transition, what they learned along the way, and what they would do differently. We will also discuss what it means to do UX research from a practical perspective and what you need to do to prepare a resume and portfolio. It is hosted by Matt Artz, a business anthropologist specializing in design anthropology and working at the intersection of product management, user experience, and business strategy.

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Artery Podcast Logo


Artery. A podcast on art, authorship and anthropology

Who is responsible for making a work of art? In each episode of this collaborative podcast series, one anthropologist, specialising in a particular cultural context, has a conversation with an artist of their choosing, exploring issues of authorship and responsibility in art. Ranging across geographical locations and creative practices, discussions address and unpack the conceptualisation of the artistic person, authorship as centred upon an individual or bounded group, and the development of responsibility for artworks during and after their making. Each episode brings a fresh perspective on where ideas come from, what agency an artist feels in the creation of their work, and how, and in which contexts, ownership and responsibility for the artwork are claimed. Ultimately, as a collection, the series encourages listeners to think about ‘the artist’ and ‘the artwork’ as dynamic processes in a relationship of authoring.

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The Arts of Racial Reckoning Podcast Logo

The Arts of Racial Reckoning

In The Arts of Racial Reckoning we ask: how can the arts advance social justice? Can they help us understand structural racism as more than individual prejudice? Can they provide models for working through conflict and envisioning worlds otherwise? In the first three episodes we explore these questions via theater pioneer Anna Deavere Smith’s, Twilight: Los Angeles 1992, a play based on interviews with over 200 Los Angeles residents in the aftermath of the LA Uprisings of 1992.

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Under The Table: An Anthropology of Corruption Podcast

“We are two cultural anthropologists, Drs. Aaron Ansell and Sylvia Tidey, who write about corruption and the fight against corruption in non-Western cultural settings. Our lighthearted podcast consists of interviews with fellow experts on this topic. We try to keep it jargon-free, but we do geek out every now and then, so fair warning.”

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