• Anthropology Live

    This informative series covers everything from career advancement and educational development to academic freedom and newsworthy events from around the world.

  • Anthro Academy

    Anthro Academy is a series of virtual mini-courses that offers anthropologists the chance to work closely with experts to expand their professional toolkit and advance their career.

  • Virtual Graduate School Fair

    An event where prospective graduate students will learn more about the graduate school application process.

On-Demand Video Platform

AAA members get unlimited access to previous conferences and events via the Underline Video Library. This new platform offers members a way to reach new audiences, experience enriched lectures, and access to content you might have missed.

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Webinars Call for Proposals

The American Anthropological Association is currently accepting webinar proposals for the following topics:

Current Events

This webinar series seeks to provide anthropological insights into social, ethical, or policy issues. Submissions for this series should be topical, timely, and relevant to current events. Read more.

Professional Development

Share your career advice, experiences, and knowledge with your fellow anthropologists! Submissions for this series should focus on skills training, career growth, and navigating the job market. We are accepting topics that support career and professional development or focus on specific skill training. Topics that highlight the use of anthropology through innovative classroom practices, such as service-learning, community-based learning, or unique pedagogical practices, are also encouraged. Read more.

Where Anthropologists Work

The purpose of this webinar series is to showcase careers in anthropology in a new or unexpected way. Submissions for this series should focus on the diverse settings anthropologists work in, and how anthropological training can apply across different career sectors. Read more.

Submit a webinar proposal. Proposals are accepted on a rolling basis; you can expect to hear back within a few weeks of your submission.