Anthropological Education

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In the United States, many colleges offer a general four-field anthropology bachelor’s degree. This degree will expose students to each of the four subfields: linguistics, cultural, biological, and archaeological anthropology. While it is less common, there are programs that do offer specific undergraduate degrees in a subfield.

Anthropological training concentrates on three broadly transferable skill areas: understanding human diversity, building research skills for collecting and making sense of information, and communicating effectively.

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Mentorship Opportunities

Mentorship can help early career professionals build their network, define their professional goals, and gain needed support to navigate the job market.

The Ina Rosenthal-Urey Mentorship Award pairs undergraduate anthropology majors with mentors from both academia and practice, who will support them in learning about their educational and career options after graduation. Mentees also receive a $500 award and complimentary AAA membership. Applications are due each spring.

AAA sections also provide mentorship opportunities. Please check out AAA section websites to learn more about Annual Meeting and year-round mentorship opportunities.

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