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"Being a fresh member of the American Anthropological Association has allowed me to connect with fellow anthropologists studying Iranian culture. Through this network, I've fostered collaborative knowledge-sharing, creating a space to share my studies with a diverse community. The AAA platform has enriched my research, providing valuable insights and expanding.

I believe that the next generation of student anthropologists thrive on curiosity and cultural sensitivity, immersing in diverse experiences, active engagement with their local communities, and forging meaningful community connections. They explore varied subfields, utilizing technology for research and networking, actively contributing to anthropology's evolving dialogue."

“As a high school student, overwhelmed by countless academic paths but driven by my desire to impact underprivileged communities positively, I found anthropology. My multicultural background amplified my curiosity about human societies, which led to my discovery and love for Anthropology, particularly Digital Anthropology. This field allowed me to explore humanity's digital evolution, from online societies to cryptocurrencies and digital personas. Embarking on this journey reinforced that choosing the right undergraduate school is a deeply personal decision requiring reflection and research. Despite the challenges, I am thrilled and empowered by my anthropological journey and am committed to contributing to this dynamic field for my long-term career aspirations. I AM AAA.”

Edward Liebow

Edward Liebow

Former Executive Director, American Anthropological Association

“I am AAA. My career has focused on research in the public interest, and, more recently, serving the profession. This work has been dedicated to the search for upstream solutions in the policy realm, where small, manageable changes at key intervention points can have significant impacts in the quest for a more just and sustainable future. I now have the privilege of leading the AAA staff, where every day we have the opportunity to fully exercise the Association’s convening power and the power of voice to advance human understanding and apply that understanding to tackling some of the world’s most pressing problems.”

“I’m an anthropologist because I’m driven by persistent curiosity and longing to make sense of the different worlds I inhabit. I make ethnographic documentaries in places and communities where I grew up, and I feel a deep sense of gratitude and responsibility to capture and preserve snapshots of my interlocutors’ lives. It’s a privilege to be able to play this role of chronicler of stories, and to participate in the shared process of collective memory-making. Anthropology necessitates that we set aside our fears of the unknown and our ambivalence towards the other, letting our courage and faith in humanity guide our inquiry. Anthropology is not only a courageous science, but also a compassionate one. The job of an ethnographer is to elucidate what is previously hidden and do so in creative ways that promote empathy and understanding. I am AAA.”

"I am AAA because I believe that anthropology transforms how we approach and understand our world. Ethnographic insights into globally pressing issues such as urbanization and climate change have never been more critical than in the present moment. It is my goal to contribute such insights, both through my own ethnographic research examining shifting food supply systems in Bangalore, India, and through my work as an educator."

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