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“To someone based in Europe, AAA offers the opportunity to engage in conversations with many international colleagues working on themes that intersect with my interests and in different world regions that enhance the comparative aspect of debates around particular issues. I am AAA.”

Dawn Rivers

Dawn Rivers

SME/Business Anthropologist for Relations Research LLC

“I am AAA. Economic anthropologists are not as easy to come by as one might have supposed. I study individuals in advanced economies who are not employers or employees but who operate non-employer businesses. I am happy to have found a place to share what I learn about the place these people carve out for themselves in late capitalist economies.”

“My work is fueled by the conversations, collaborations, and camaraderie I have shared with other anthropologists. I am AAA.”

“My deep concern over global inequalities has led me to pursuing a PhD in social anthropology. Convinced that local knowledge is crucial to creating effective policies of affirmative action, I have studied gender violence and the politics of indigeneity in the rural south of Mexico City by interviewing women's groups, medical professionals, politicians, teachers, and police. Anthropology is uniquely equipped to mapout larger connections, and facilitate communication between different sides and actors in the fields of human rights, gender rights, and environmental justice, while also questioning the very meaning and divisibility of these domains. I AM AAA.”

“I am AAA because I foster connections with fellow student anthropologists through the National Association of Student Anthropologists section of the AAA. Through NASA, I have chaired, presented on, and organized panels for AAA annual meetings and I have written for and served on the editorial board for NASA’s journal, Student Anthropologist. By bringing anthropological perspectives to my daily interactions and by connecting with other student anthropologists I help spread knowledge about anthropology and develop greater understanding and empathy for others.”

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