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"AAA is building new connections, reaching new audiences and publics, and exploring new ways of knowing. SLACA is at the forefront of this work, examining and transgressing boundaries and borders in

Latin America and the Caribbean. All these elements guide my research, scholarship, and teaching, and that is why I am AAA."

“I am AAA, as a cultural anthropologist specializing in craft economies in Mexico and as a former President of the Society for Latin American & Caribbean Anthropology. My section allows me to stay connected with an amazing group of anthropology colleagues who works throughout the region. Even through my home department is now Geography, AAA and SLACA keep me grounded in the field I love most.”

“I am AAA. I study the financial economy. In advanced market economies, finance is the hidden infrastructure of both seemingly impersonal domains, like the complex global economy, as well as our most intimate territories, like family life. My research examines how systems of credit, debt, and money management shape the problems we face, the way we think, how we treat each other and understand ourselves.”

“As an economic anthropologist, I use archaeological, historical, and ethnographic data from port cities and merchants across the Indian Ocean to study the evolution of trade, commerce, and finance in human societies. This integrative approach has also enabled me to investigate the complex social economies of refugee camps and conflict zones in Northwestern Kenya. Now I have been engaged with UNHCR, the World Bank, and the local governments to encourage them to move away from the refugee encampment paradigm toward self-sustaining settlements for refugees and hosts together. The AAA supports building historically and culturally sensitive, and scientifically valid and actionable knowledge for understanding the past, present, and the future. I am AAA.”

“To someone based in Europe, AAA offers the opportunity to engage in conversations with many international colleagues working on themes that intersect with my interests and in different world regions that enhance the comparative aspect of debates around particular issues. I am AAA.”

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Cathleen Crain and Janine Wedel

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