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“I am AAA. I am both an anthropologist and psychologist.  In my scholarly work I have addressed how one has to factor in cultural factors of all sorts in addressing clinical issues of seniors, special needs populations, children, and people significantly different from one's self. This is true as a researcher and as a clinician and it is the mission SPA continues to address. I do book reviews in Anthropology, mostly for SAFN, but within the recent past for AWR, AAGE, Urban Anthropology, Psychological Anthropology, and Museum Anthropology. I teach a virtual class on History and Politics in the Older Adults Program at Santa Rosa Junior College.”

“I believe that engaging people in anthropological research can enhance their hope and agency while giving them the tools they need to promote social justice even under extremely challenging conditions. The Society for Psychological Anthropology has long been a village for me--a home where I have honed my craft as an ethnographer, a theorist, a teacher, and a conscientious human. I am so grateful that AAA as a whole has long fostered my connections with that section and others.”

“Anthropology challenges us to continually reach beyond our own horizons, to appreciate all the complex and intricate ways that human beings embrace and are embraced by the world. I am AAA.”

“I am AAA. My research on mental health and health disparities is at the heart of AAA’s mission to address human suffering around the globe. My recent work has examined the biocultural processes behind high rates of diabetes and depression among women in India. In addition to ethnography, it offers culturally grounded methodological approaches to supplement efforts in global mental health to measure and treat mental health cross-culturally.”

“My research focuses on how experiences with armed conflict shape possibilities for trust in communities of former combatants and their victims living together at the ends of war. I examine the reach and limits of state and NGO interventions intended to foster reconciliation in such communities, and the novel ways in which participants take up and circulate intervention discourses and practices. I am a collaborator on interdisciplinary research teams, as well as a solo ethnographer. I am AAA.”

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