Officially launched in 2019, the Member Advocate Program is the AAA's annual refer-a-friend campaign. We established this program to show the AAA's appreciation and acknowledge members' contribution to the association's growth. AAA members have always been the best at advocating for the field of anthropology and the association’s mission and benefits. Our power in numbers helps to strengthen and enhance the dissemination of anthropological knowledge.

Tiered Rewards

  • Grand Prize Reward: one-year membership and 2025 Annual Meeting Registration
    In the event of a tie, a drawing will be held to determine the winner.
  • Reward 1: $100 VISA gift card
  • Reward 2: $50 VISA gift card
  • Reward 3: Three-month AAA membership extension

How it works

  • Current AAA Members, Sections, and DSP partners who refer the most friends and colleagues are eligible to win the prizes listed above.
  • Credit will be accrued for each eligible member referral.
  • Encourage your friend or colleague to include your name or section name in the “referral box” during the checkout process via Community Hub.
  • The campaign currently runs March 1 to September 30, but any friends referred after that will rollover to the next year's campaign.
  • The advocate with the most referrals will be announced in the fall.
  • Need a few tips? We've got you covered.