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DSP Department Leaders Forum

The DSP Forum provides an opportunity for monthly conversations about the happenings in your department, with your career trajectory, within your administration, and with your students. The forum is a chance for networking in a safe environment for social support, information sharing, seed-plantings, and idea generation.

Forum Format

The forum allows for you to learn and discuss matters that directly affect your department. Each forum will be scheduled to allow for both education and open discussion.

Format participants will assist in generating the agenda for the next forum. We will continue conversations on the DSP Community platform.

Forum Calendar

In addition to having the opportunity to discuss the departmental impact of current events, the forum allows for department leaders to continue discussions generated at both the Department Leaders Summer Institute (June of alternating years) and the Annual Meeting’s Department Chairs Breakfast (November).

  • Spring: March, April, May
  • Fall: August, September, October
  • Winter: January, February

Next Forum

Date: October 25, 2023

Time: 3pm – 4pm ET

Topic: Department mergers and consolidation

This month we will discuss how departments manage mergers and consolidation. Department mergers can be difficult for faculty, staff, and students to navigate.

They may also come along with staffing turnover, new colleagues to work with, or new degree programs to design. However, they also present an opportunity to forge interdisciplinary connections and programs. Join us this month as we discuss the challenges and opportunities that anthropology departments are presented with as they navigate these changes.


Please contact: Daniel Ginsberg