Test Journal and Book Donations

AAA members are encouraged to contribute to the growth of the discipline by donating to institutions overseas. Although the Association is not able to directly facilitate the donations of individual members to specific institutions, we can provide a list of organizations that are willing to help.

Where to Start

Before you contact any organization about donating materials you should make an assessment of what you have in your possession. Creating an account on paper is the best method, noting any missing issues from your collection. Once you have a list of journal or books, sort them into boxes, labeling which boxes contain what.

Estimating the Value of Your Donation

Your roster of books will be necessary for tax purposes if you mean to report your donation to the IRS. AAA recommends that you work with a qualified tax or accounting professional to assess the value of journal donations for tax deduction purposes. You will need to document the condition of each item you intend to donate as well as the cost of acquiring the item originally. Journal subscriptions are—and have only been—offered to individuals as a benefit of membership and could not have been attained by direct purchase. The cost of membership at the time of subscription is required to set the donation value.

AAA cannot provide an estimate of the value of donations as it is critically dependent upon the physical condition of the journals, in addition to the cost of membership at the time of acquisition of the journals. AAA can provide information on membership dues for those years for use by the accountant/appraiser in setting the value. Your tax or accounting professional should advise you at what total value benchmark the IRS requires that tax-deductible donations are appraised by a professional appraiser. The American Society of Appraisers or Periodical Services Company may be able to assist you in locating an appropriate appraiser.

Finding a Home for Your Materials

AAA suggests contacting one of the organizations below to discuss your options. You can also find related information in the following detailed directories of book donation programs: