Louise Lamphere

University of New Mexico | Distinguished Professor of Anthropology, EmeritaMember since 1963

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My Biography

Louise Lamphere received her Ph.D in Social Anthropology from Harvard University in 1968. She taught at the University of Rochester (1967-68) Brown University (1968-74 and 1979-86), and over 25 years at the University of New Mexico. She is Past President of the American Ethnological Association and the American Anthropological Association, as well as a former Chair of the Association for Feminist Anthropology. Her first major publication was Woman, Culture and Society co-edited with Michelle Zimbalist Rosaldo (1974). Her interests include Native North America, feminist anthropology, women and work, urban anthropology, immigration, and medical anthropology. Her most recent book is entitled: Weaving Women’s Lives: Three Generations in a Navajo Family (2007). She has been given the Franz Boas Award by the AAA and the Bronislaw Malinowski Award from the SfAA.