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Undergraduate Cohort Program

The Undergraduate Cohort Program provides Department Services Program (DSP) partners the opportunity to gift their class of undergraduates a complimentary one-year AAA + NASA section membership and AAA Annual Meeting registration. Codes are distributed to DSP Chairs yearly, but if you need the code again, you can either fill out the application below, or contact us. The amount of undergraduate students who can utilize the code is unlimited and up to the DSP chair's discretion for dispersal. This is of no additional cost to DSP partners. Participating DSP partners are noted by a DSP badge in their respective listing in the AnthroGuide. Graduate students are ineligible for this program, but may be eligible for free membership under the DSP New and Recent Graduate program.

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Undergrads! Invite Your Chair to join as a DSP Partner

Eligibility requirements

  1. The department must be an active DSP Partner
  2. Undergraduates must be currently enrolled at a DSP partner institution
  3. Department Chair must submit the nomination form, if needed

What’s included

  1. AAA + NASA (National Association of Student Anthropologists) one-year membership
  2. AAA Annual Meeting Registration (In-person or Virtual)

Apply Now

Application Turnaround Timeline

While we will do our best to review your application in an expeditious manner, your application can take up to 7 – 14 days to review and approve.