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Resource Panel for External Review

Panel for External Tenure, Promotion, and Program Review

We’ve provided a list of individuals with the expertise and knowledge to evaluate the accomplishments and contributions of practicing, applied, and public interest anthropological scholarship, and of the academic programs in applied, practicing, and publicly engaged departments.

Resource Panel Reviewers are listed below in alphabetical order, complete with their CV and statement of expertise. Their availability to serve as external reviewers for tenure and promotion (T&P) applicants and/or external review of programs is also indicated. Please contact reviewers directly by email.

AAA provides this information as a service to its members and does not recommend any reviewer over another. The biographical information and statements of expertise are provided by the reviewers. AAA bears no responsibility for the content. If you are a AAA member and would like to be added to the list of resource panel reviewers, please complete the reviewer application.

Please feel free to contact the Education Department with any questions or comments.