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Open Anthropology, the first digital-only, public journal of the American Anthropological Association (AAA), was a pilot experiment envisioned as a way of “opening up” anthropology in several ways. It published 10 volumes, from 2013-2022, under three sets of remarkably dedicated editors, Alisse Waterston (2013-14), Sallie Han and Jason Antrosio (2015-20), and Michael C. Ennis-McMillan and Cathy L. Costin (2021-22).

The online publication was designed to help bring anthropology into the public conversation about critical social issues and policy debates. Each edition of Open Anthropology focused on a timely theme, offering a selection of previously published articles relevant to contemporary concerns. By means of Open Anthropology, we hope anthropological knowledge, information and insights will figure more prominently in public discussions.

Open Anthropology introduced nearly the full archive of AAA journals, past and current-the online “stacks,” so to speak-to potential readers who may not even know these exist. Find the Open Anthropology archives below.