List of Publications

The AAA supports anthropological scholarship and the dissemination of anthropological knowledge through publishing journals and books, which include the following:

AAA Publications

AAA Journals Published by Wiley

AAA Journals Published by Sections

AAA Books and Monographs

  • Decolonizing Anthropology: Moving Further toward an Anthropology for Liberation, 3rd Ed.
  • Honor and Shame and the Unity of the Mediterranean
  • Princes of the Earth: Subcultural Diversity in a Mexican Municipality 
  • Marriage and Mandatory Abortion among the 17th century Siraya 
  • Anthropology for Tomorrow: Creating Practitioner-Oriented Applied Anthropology Programs
  • Culture, Kin, and Cognition in Oceania: Essays in Honor of Ward H. Goodenough
  • At Work in Homes: Household Workers in World Perspective
  • Bitter Money: Cultural Economy & Some African Meanings of Forbidden Commodities 
  • The Politics of Time 
  • Moralizing States and the Ethnography of the Present
  • Finding a Moral Heart for US Immigration Policy
  • Feminism, Nationalism, and Militarism
  • Occasional Papers of the Association of Senior Anthropologists
  • From Labrador to Samoa: The Theory and Practice of E. B. Leacock
  • Gender and Race through Education and Political Activism
  • The Impoverishment of Women
  • Selected Papers on Refugee Issues, vol III
  • Selected Papers on Refugee Issues, vol IV
  • Beyond Boundaries (Selected Papers on Refugee Issues, vol V)
  • Diasporic Identity (Selected Papers on Refugees and Immigrants, vol VI)
  • Negotiating Power and Place (Selected Papers on Refugees and Immigrants, vol VII)
  • Rethinking Refugee and Displacement (Selected Papers on Refugees and Immigrants, vol VIII)
  • Negotiating Transnationalism (Selected Papers on Refugees and Immigrants, vol IX)
  • Irrigation at High Altitudes: The Social Organization of Water Control Systems in the Andes
  • Health in the Andes
  • Migrants, Regional Identities and Latin American Cities

Other Publications