2021 Award Recipient

Dr. Angela C. Jenks

Dr. Angela C. Jenks is the recipient of the 2021 AAA Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching in Anthropology. This prestigious award is given to anthropology teachers that have “impacted the discipline through outstanding teaching and inspiration to their students.”

Dr. Jenks’ commitment to training and mentoring future scholars is demonstrated in her diverse course offerings and “inclusive and collaborative” learning environments. She dedicates a considerable about of time toward supporting students’ research efforts, Honors projects, and professional advancement. Dr. Jenks routinely attends extracurricular club activities and research presentations, where she provides valuable feedback on students’ research presentations. Her effectiveness in teaching is reflected in her outstanding teaching evaluations, with her courses “regularly ranking in the top 10% of courses in the Social Sciences.” She has been recognized for her exceptional work, with awards and honors, including the UC Irvine Academic Senate Early-Career Faculty Award for Teaching, a Provost’s Teaching Fellowship, and a Dean’s Honor for Excellence in Undergraduate Instruction in the Social Sciences.