Gender Equity Award

The Gender Equity Award (formerly known as the CoGEA or “squeaky wheel” Award) recognizes individuals whose service to the discipline demonstrates the courage to bring to light and investigate practices in anthropology that are potentially sexist and discriminatory based on gender presentation.

Starting in 2022, there will be a cash prize awarded to the recipient(s). This is made possible through a gift from Past President Virginia Dominguez, AAA member Susan Greenhalgh and other supporters who provided additional matching funds.

Historically, this award has honored those who have acted to raise awareness of women’s contributions to anthropology, worked to identify barriers to full participation by women in anthropology, or helped to bring about significant shifts in intellectual paradigms through their anthropological research on women’s lives.

In recent years, the Gender Equity Award has expanded to include an even broader scope. In addition to honoring scholars who work against discrimination against women in anthropology, the committee celebrated feminist scholars working to raise awareness of discrimination in anthropology on the grounds of gender presentation of any kind. Award recipients are expected to serve on the selection committee for the following year.

Scholars and practitioners from all subfields of anthropology, at stages ranging anywhere from promising mid-career to proven late-career, were honored for acting to improve the status of those discriminated against on the basis of sex or gender identity in anthropology through:

  • Mentorship of colleagues and students
  • Research that directly addresses gender roles, situations of gender bias, and experiences of gender discrimination in anthropology
  • Scholarship on women or gender that has influenced shifts in anthropological theory
  • The development of policies, procedures, or other professional standards that alleviate gender inequalities in the field of anthropology

Application Requirements

  • Nominee’s Curriculum Vitae/Resume
  • Evidence of work to help bring about significant shifts in intellectual paradigms through anthropological research on the lives of women and/ or persons discriminated against on the grounds of gender.
  • Two to Four Letters of Support


Please note that nominees are considered for three years. Those not chosen in the first year will be considered for two more years.

Award recipients are expected to serve on the selection committee for the following two years.


Submission Deadline: March 15, 2024

Questions and concerns should be directed to Meagan Shirley

Previous Winners

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