Thomas S. Weisner

UCLA| Professor Emeritus of Anthropology and PsychiatryMember since 1967

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My Biography

Thomas S. Weisner (PhD, Harvard University; BA, Reed College) is an expert in culture and human development; sibling and non-parental care of children; ecocultural theory and methods, medical, psychological and cultural studies of families and children at risk; mixed qualitative and quantitative research methods; and evidence-informed policy. Dr. Weisner has done fieldwork with the Abaluyia of Western Kenya and Nairobi, native Hawaiians, countercultural U.S. families, California families with children with disabilities and mental illness, families and children with autism in India, youth with ADHD in the U.S., Mexican-American adolescents and parents in Los Angeles, and working poor families in the U.S. (the New Hope study). His website is Dr. Weisner’s first AAA annual meeting was in 1967 in Pittsburgh when he was a graduate student.