Riva Berleant-Schiller, PhD.

University of Connecticut, Department of Anthropology | Professor EmeritaMember since 1964

My Biography

Dr. Berleant-Schiller’s areas of expertise are social anthropology and cultural ecology, with the Caribbean as area of research. Between 1971 and 1987, Dr. Berleant-Schiller conducted field research on the two islands of Lesser Antilles, Barbuda and Montserrat. In Barbuda, the research focus was on land use and tenure, fishing livestock, subsistence cultivation, household economy and toponymy. In Montserrat, the research focus was subsistence food gardens and plantation archaeology. After retiring from the University of Connecticut in 1999, Dr. Berleant-Schiller joined the Wilson Museum in Castine, Maine as a research associate and curated two permanent exhibitions based on the museum’s French Paleolithic and Swill Lakes collections. Works have appeared in edited collections. American Ethnologist, Geographical Review and elsewhere. Dr. Berleant-Schiller’s first AAA Annual Meeting was in 1974.