Maxine Margolis

University of Florida - Professor Emerita of Anthropology; Columbia University Institute of Latin American Studies - Senior Research ScholarMember since 1964

My Biography

Dr. Margolis received her Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from New York University and her PhD from Columbia University. She is a cultural anthropologist with an area specialty in Brazil and a long-term interest in gender roles cross-culturally. She has done research on agricultural change in Brazil, shifting gender roles in the United States and most recently, Brazilian emigration worldwide. During the course of her membership with AAA, she has done field work in northern Parana, Brazil on the social and economic changes resulting from the shift from coffee cultivation to cattle ranching along with the impact of frost. She has also done field research in eastern Paraguay on Brazilian immigrants living there, with recent extensive research and writing on Brazilian emigration to the United States and ultimately to other countries.