Kerry Pataki-Schweizer

Instructor in Anthropology, Portland Community College; Research Affiliate, The Burke Museum, University of WashingtonMember since 1972

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My Biography

Kerry Pataki-Schweizer (SB, University of Chicago, 1960; MA, University of Washington, 1965; PhD, University of Washington, 1968) teaches anthropology and has expertise in cultural ecology, transcultural psychiatry, transcultural communication, landscapes, and project design. Kerry has researched Trust Territory of Papua New Guinea, initial contact demography and subsistence; Yakima Valley, Washington, agricultural migrant ethnography and health; northern coastal Pacific Northwest (Heiltsuk), ethnoecology; Malaysia, resettlement program health change; Papua New Guinea, human ecology; Irian Jaya, health status; USA west, mobile homeless. Kerry says “Of my life work, I particularly enjoyed research and writeup about demography and subsistence in New Guinea (“A New Guinea Landscape – Community Space and Time in the Eastern Highlands”, Univ. of Washington Press, 1980); my medical students’ research on reproduction (“On Reproduction – Views from Men in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea”, Univ. of Papua New Guinea Press, 1996); WHO research in Malaysia with my national colleague (“HIV/AIDS – The Realities, The Challenges”, Haliza Mohd Riji and K. J. Pataki-Schweizer, Ministry of Health Malaysia, 2002.” Kerry first attended the AAA annual meeting in 1968 in Washington, DC.