Jack R. Rollwagen, PhD

University of OregonMember since 1968

My Biography

Founder, editor, and publisher of the journal URBAN ANTHROPOLOGY and STUDIES OF CULTURAL SYSTEMS AND WORLD ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT, 1972-present, Fulbright Teaching Fellow, academic year 1998-1999, Shandong University, Institute of American Studies Graduate Program, Jinan, PRC. Anthropologist, videographer, and film editor of 52 anthropological and ethnographic films on the traditional music of the Horqin Mongols of eastern Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region (IMAR), China: SONG OF THE GRASSLANDS: ETHNICITY, IDENTITY, ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT, CULTURE CHANGE, AND TRADITIONAL MUSIC AMONG THE HORQIN MONGOLS OF EASTERN INNER MONGOLIA, CHINA, viewable here. Founding President of the Society for Urban Anthropology (Cincinnati, 1979, by acclamation) and President (1979-1980). (AAA NEWSLETTER 21(2): 4.)