Jack Glazier

Oberlin College | Professor EmeritusMember since 1967

My Biography

Jack Glazier, Professor Emeritus at Oberlin College, taught anthropology there from 1971 until his retirement in 2013. The scope of his fieldwork over the course of his career included research in East Africa among subsistence farmers, Eastern European immigrants and their descendants in the American Midwest, and African Americans in the upper South. In talks on public radio, schools, and churches, regarding his most recent work on race and memory in Christian county, western Kentucky, he has stimulated continuing community discussions regarding public history, diversity, and the contested past. Dr. Glazer is the author of Land and the Uses of Tradition Among the Mbeere of Kenya;Dispersing the Ghetto: The Relocation of Jewish Immigrants Across America; and Been Coming Through Some Hard Times: Race, History and Memory in Western Kentucky.He is currently completing a book on radical humanism in anthropology with particular attention to the work of Paul Radin. A fellow of the AAA and the RAI, his professional positions have included membership on the Board of the Directors of the AAA and the Presidency of the Central States Anthropological Society.