Iwao Ushijima

RetiredMember since 1968

My Biography

From 1974 to 1989. Dr Ushijima, a social anthropologist and specialist on Micronesia, has published many reports and papers on the traditional social organization of Yap Island and Ulithi Atolls, Micronesia. Here, for example, he analyzed the interaction between patri-familial inheritance and the maternal blood lIwaine by examining kinship ideology. From 1990, Dr Ushijima transferred his field to Central and Western Visayas, Philippines, and organized The Visayas Maritime Anthropological Studies or VMAS at the University of Tsukuba. Japanese scholars worked with Filipino scholars in writing about the maritime culture of the Visayas. This project was implemented fist in 1991-1992(VIMS 1) and continued two more rounds, 1993-1995(VMAS 2) and 1997-1999(VMAS 3). In the eight years of fieldwork, a three-volume report was published from the University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City. Dr Ushijima highlighted the social integrative factor of kob-kob, a type of ring net fishery, common in the port town of Bantayan Island in northern Cebu (VMAS 1). His group studied the trade network of byahidor(traders) of biso or clay water jars in the Island of Maripipi(VMAS 2). He extended his interest in network and craftsmanship to his fieldwork in Carigara, Leyte, focusing on blacksmith families, their unique techniques, buy and sell activities, and markets networks(VMas 3).