Charles C. Kolb, PhD.

National Endowment for the Humanities, Senior Program Officer (retired)Member since 1961

My Biography

Dr. Charles C. Kolb (PhD, The Pennsylvania State University) is an expert in archaeology and cultural anthropology/ethnology-Mesoamerica (especially the Basin of Mexico), Central and South Asia (Afghanistan) and Northeastern North America (especially the southern Great Lakes Basin), as well as ceramic ecology, archaeometry, ceramic analysis, settlement pattern analysis and ethnohistory. Research projects include Teotihuacan Valley Project, Basin of Mexico (3 years); AMNH Archaeological Expedition to Afghanistan (2 years); USDA-Forest Service Alleghany National Forest CRM Study (2 years); and USDoE-Argonne National Lab. SoOuthern LAke Erie Basin CRM Analysis (2years). For further reading Dr. Kolb’s research is catalogued with the National Museum of Afghanistan, Pennsylvania State University, Dept. of Anthropology and the American Museum of Natural History. Dr. Kolb’s first AAA annual meeting was in 1964.