Arthur M. Kleinman

Harvard University | Esther and Sidney Rabb Professor of Anthropology and Medical Anthropology Harvard Medical School | Professor of PsychiatryMember since 1970

My Biography

Dr. Kleinman’s areas of expertise include medical anthropology, cultural psychiatry, global health, social medicine, medical humanities, and China studies. He received an AB from Stanford in 1962, a MD from Stanford 1967, and an MA in social anthropology from Harvard in 1974. Dr. Kleinman has conducted over 60 studies funded by grants from NIH, NSF and numerous other foundations and other funding agencies. The studies have included research on the consequences of the cultural revolution in China, chronic pain in China and in the US, stigma and mental illness, culture and depression, barriers to caregiving, ways of improving professional and family care, and global mental health among many others. His research is catalogued in medical, public health and medical anthropology sources and resources. Dr. Kleinman’s first AAA annual meeting was in 1972.