New NEH Grants Awarded to Individuals in Field of Anthropology

The National Humanities Alliance awarded $35.63 million in grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities to support 258 humanities projects nationwide, including several in the field of anthropology. These grants will support individuals in their research and writing, while increasing access to their work.

NEH funding is vital to help support the research, teaching, and publicly engaged humanities work in the field of anthropology. The following are grants awarded to AAA members:

University of Chicago

John Lucy

Research Infrastructure: Expanding Chicago’s Mesoamerican Language Collections

The creation of a dynamic repository for a growing collection of materials at the University of Chicago that document the Indigenous languages of Mesoamerica.

Grant: $225,169


University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Geoff Emberling

Urbanism in Ancient Kush: Archaeological Investigation of Settlement at Jebel Barkal, Northern Sudan

Archaeological investigations of the UNESCO World Heritage site of Jebel Barkal in northern Sudan, one of the most important urban centers of the ancient kingdom of Kush.

Grant: $149,782


New York University Abu Dhabi

Nathalie Peutz

Forced Migration and Displacement in Yemen and the Horn of Africa in the Twenty-First Century

Writing and revisions toward a book analyzing the experiences of refugees and migrants in the Red Sea region.

Grant: $6,000


University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Derek Handley

Mapping Racism and Resistance

Research and writing leading to an article about African American resistance to restrictive covenants and housing discrimination in mid twentieth century Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Grant: $6,000


San Diego State University

Sureshi Jayawardene

‘We are Ceylon Africans!’: Africana Culture, Politics, and Identity in Sri Lanka

Research and writing for a historical and ethnographic study of the Ceylon African community in Sri Lanka.

Grant: $6,000


College of William and Mary

Michelle Lelievre

Reclaiming Indigenous Communities from Colonial Archives: Analysis of a Public-Facing Digital Data Dissemination Project from Mi’kma’ki

Research and writing leading to an article on how researchers of Indigenous or other marginalized communities can effectively work with historical archives in which these peoples have been erased, misrepresented, or obscured.

Grant: $6,000


Dartmouth College

Maron Greenleaf

Cities of Trees: Reforesting the Birthplace of Industrial Capitalism

Ethnographic fieldwork toward a study of a large, contemporary reforestation project in North England.

Grant: $6,000


Pomona College

Joanne Nucho

Decentralization, Climate Change, and the Future of Energy in Rural America

Research and writing leading to a book on how the rise of localized energy grids fueled by sustainable energy sources is disenfranchising rural communities in California.

Grant: $6,000