NEH Grants Awarded to Individuals in Field of Anthropology

The National Humanities Alliance awarded $28.1 million in grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) to support 204 humanities projects nationwide, including several in the field of anthropology. These grants will support individuals in their research and writing, while increasing access to their work. 

NEH funding is vital to help support the research, teaching, and publicly engaged humanities work in the field of anthropology. The following are grants awarded to AAA members and individuals in the field of anthropology:  


Oregon State University 

Loren Davis 

Center for Archaeology, Art History, and Artifacts 

The creation of two laboratory facilities at Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon, for digital 3D scanning and artifact analysis, as well as collections facilities for the Indigenous Studies program.  

Matching: $333,333 


University of California, Los Angeles 

Willeke, Wendrich 

Creating an Interdepartmental Certificate in Cultural Heritage Research, Stewardship, and Restitution 

A one-year project to design and implement a graduate certificate program in cultural heritage studies. 

Grant: $124,688 


St. Bonaventure University  

Oleg Bychkov 

Native American and Indigenous Studies in the General Education Curriculum 

A three-year curricular and faculty development project in conjunction with the Seneca Nation to incorporate the teaching of Native American and Indigenous Studies into general education classes required for all first-year students. 

Grant: $147,389 


Texas Tech University 

Suzanne Tapp 

Expanding the Circle: Native American and Indigenous Studies, Faculty and curriculum development for a newly created Native American and Indigenous Studies certificate program, in collaboration with tribal historians in the region. 

Grant: $110,013 


Dine College 

Karla Britton 

Sacred Dinétah 

A one-year forum series and subsequent digital publication project focused on the Navajo concepts of land and dwelling.  

Grant: $150,000 


Beloit College 

Nicolette Meister 

Capacity and Community Building Through Preservation and Access Training 

A continuing education project that would develop two new online courses, fund 162 scholarships for staff and volunteers at smaller cultural heritage organizations, and offer two 12-month fellowships for graduates of the University of Illinois Chicago Museum and Exhibition Studies Graduate Program. 

Grant: $349,971 


Mississippi State University 

Jordan Lynton 

Developing a Decolonial Field School: Teaching Community-Engaged and Decolonial Collection and Preservation Methods 

Implementation of a three-year, community-engaged field school located at Brush Arbor Cemetery in Starkville, Mississippi, a designated location on the National Register of Historic Places, to educate ten advanced undergraduate or graduate students and one research fellow in community-based anthropological and archeological research and methods. 

Grant: $347,959  


University of Montana 

Kelly Dixon 

Indigenizing Heritage Collections in Montana: Research, Education, and Mentoring the Next Generation of Stewards 

A project to address challenges with determining cultural affiliation for objects with vague records. The project would use the University of Montana’s anthropological and humanities collections as a case study to develop a methodology for Indigenized collections handling. 

Grant: $325,107 


Dialogue Institute 

David Krueger 

Diversity in Early America Tour App  

Historical and technical research for an app-based mobile walking tour about the diverse religious traditions in colonial and Revolutionary-era Philadelphia. 

Grant: $30,000 


University of Rhode Island 

Amelia Moore 

Augmenting Manissean Public Memory, Sense of Place, and Belonging on Block Island 

Development of an AR walking tour and online map exploring the African American and Indigenous history of Block Island. 

Grant: $29,953  


Independent Arts and Media 

Katy Long 

“Repatriating” Mexican Americans in the 1930s 

Prototyping a mobile app that combines an audio walking tour with augmented reality to interpret the Mexican American experience in 1930s Los Angeles. 

Grant: $72,450   

Matching: $27,550 


University of New Mexico 

Angelica Serna Jeri 

The Huarochiri Manuscript Archive: The Experience of Writing and Speaking Quechua 

Research and writing leading to a book highlighting the role of native Quechua speakers in the development of written Quechua, an indigenous South American language, during the colonial era. 

Grant: $60,000 


Xavier University of Louisiana 

Kim Vaz-Deville  

Spirituality of Resistance: African American Masking in Contemporary Mardi Gras 

Research and writing of a book about the influence of spirituality on masking traditions in New Orleans Mardi Gras. 

Grant: $60,000 


University of California, Santa Cruz  

Carla Hernandez Garavito  

Reimagining Colonialism: A Local History of Community and Empire in the Peruvian Andes Between the Fifteenth and Eighteenth Centuries 

Research and writing leading to a book about how the Andean inhabitants of Huarochirí responded to the Inkas’ domination and then to Spanish colonialism in Peru from the fifteenth to eighteenth centuries. 

Grant: $45,000 


Northern Arizona University 

Jeffrey Berglund  

A Journey of Striving: Literary and Creative Expressions of Diné (Navajo) Becoming 

Research and writing of a book on how Diné (Navajo) principles of homeland, kinship, beauty, harmony, and shared memories are reflected in their literature, music, and film. 

Grant: $60,000 


Spelman College 

Rebecca Kumar  

Brown Looks: Theories of Brown Queer Filmmaking Since 9/11 

Research and writing for two essays examining the self-representation of new categories of ethnic identification in U.S. media in the last twenty years. 

Grant: $25,000 


University of New Mexico 

Sarah Davis-Secord 

Encounter and Identity: Christians and Muslims in Early Medieval Italy, Research and writing leading to a book about social relations between Muslims and Christians in early medieval Italy (approximately 700–1000 CE). 

Grant: $37,500.00 


Pennsylvania State University  

Matthew Restall  

The Invention of Colonialism: Myths of Slavery and Settlement in the Imaginary Genesis of Belize and Yucatan 

Research and writing leading to a book on Belizean and Latin American history from the sixteenth to nineteenth centuries, focusing on competing experiences of British, Spanish, African, and indigenous Mayan residents.  

Grant: $60,000 


Bard College 

Maria Sonevytsky  

Singing for Lenin in Soviet Ukraine: Children, Music, and the Communist Future 

Research and writing leading to a book about Soviet education and children’s musical practices in Soviet Ukraine, from 1934 to 1991. 

Grant: $40,000 


American University of Beirut 

Josh Carney 

TV Costume Dramas and the Consumption of History in Turkey and Beyond 

Research and writing of a monograph on how the Turkish national past is mediated through popular costume dramas in present-day Turkey and beyond. 

Grant: $60,000 


University of Nevada 

Reno Prisca Gayles 

An Ethnography of Argentina’s Black Social Movement 

Research and writing leading to a book on how contemporary Argentinian activists have changed and engaged with the country’s pervasive denial of Black history and anti-Black sentiment. 

Grant: $60,000 


University of Illinois 

Erin Riggs 

An Archaeology of Refugee Resettlement 

Research and writing leading to a book that examines the urban resettlement and homemaking of Partition refugees in Delhi, India, from 1947 to the present.  

Grant: $30,000 


University of Notre Dame 

Catherine Bolten 

Unknowing the World: Humans, Chimpanzees, and Climate Change in Sierra Leone 

Research and writing leading to a book on the social dimensions of rapid climate change among six villages and two chimpanzee communities in Sierra Leone. 

Grant: $60,000 


University of Rochester 

Andrew Cashner 

The Earth Songs of the Seneca Nation 

Research and writing towards a digital multimedia book on the Earth Songs of the Seneca Nation of Indians. 

Grant: $60,000 


Johns Hopkins University 

Lisa Siraganian 

The Personhood Problem, From Corporations to Trees: Synthesizing Political and Philosophical Debates on Persons 

Research and writing leading to a book on legal and philosophical concepts on personhood—from humans to corporations, algorithms, animals, and the environment. 

Grant: $60,000 


Elizabeth Knott 

Assessing Digitization Strategies for Mesopotamian Cylinder Seals  

Research and writing leading to a web-based publication analyzing digitization strategies for Mesopotamian cylinder seals and other 3D historical objects. 

Grant: $60,000 


Kathryn Killackey 

Visualizing the Late Formative (200 BC – 600 AD) at the World Heritage Site of Tiwanaku  

Research, writing, and illustration leading to a web-based visualization of the World Heritage site of Tiwanaku, in Bolivia, during the Late Formative period (200 BC to 600 BCE). 

Grant: $60,000 


St. Olaf College 

Vivian Choi 

Tsunami and Civil War in Sri Lanka 

Writing and revisions leading to a book that examines the social, political, and technological intersections between natural disaster and civil war in Sri Lanka. 

Grant: $30,000 


Indiana University, Bloomington 

Marvin Sterling 

Narrating the Afro-Japanese “Hafu” Experience: Race, Nation and Multipolar Globalization in Contemporary Japan  

Research and writing leading to publication of articles and a book on the experiences of Afro-Japanese people in contemporary Japan, and their implications for the broader understanding of Japanese identity and Japan’s place in the international community. 

Grant: $60,000