‘Anthropology News’ and AnthroGuide Go Digital

New formats ensure the most up-to-date information is freely available

Two of the American Anthropological Association’s (AAA) most important platforms for outreach and education will be offered online only, ensuring that the most timely and accurate information remains at the fingertips of its members and individuals interested in the study of anthropology. Anthropology News will discontinue its print edition and be fully online as of January 2024. The 2023-2024 AnthroGuide will be its last print edition.

AAA’s award-winning bimonthly member magazine, Anthropology News, features engaging, incisive articles and multimodal content from across the discipline, written by contributors from myriad settings, including business, nonprofits, academic institutions, and government. The content is designed to be “low on jargon, high on storytelling,” and is meant to inspire readers to a greater understanding of how anthropology addresses the world’s most pressing problems.

AnthroGuide has been the premier information source for the study of anthropology since 1962, when the first directory of programs was published. In 2000, AnthroGuide’s web-based companion was introduced and today serves as a fully searchable reference list of individuals practicing anthropology across the country as well as organizations that offer degrees, certificates, internships, and field schools in anthropology.

“Over the past few years, many if not most prospective Anthropology News authors have submitted pitches and articles with significant multimedia features,” said AAA Executive Director Ady Arguelles-Sabatier. “Contributors have shared with us that input and influence on the final layout of their work can be crucial, and we want to ensure that we’re providing both authors and readers with diverse, approachable formatting and timely publication that reflects our best data about how people are preparing and consuming content.”

“Likewise,” Arguelles continued, “the digital edition of AnthroGuide can be updated in real time, as opposed to the print edition, which previously came out annually and could not reflect the updates to degree programs and individual practice settings that happen in the remaining 11 months. Because quality and accessibility are crucial to our mission, we want prospective students and practitioners to have the most up-to-date information, which is always available on the AnthroGuide website.”

The decision to have Anthropology News join the other AAA publications, including more than 20 scholarly journals, available on AnthroSource in offering digital-first and digital-only versions will allow for continuous publication and provide more opportunity for creative and innovative formatting. Utilizing multimedia formats also offers more options for AAA members and members of the public with an interest in anthropology to engage in a more experiential way through submissions like short films and photo essays.

AN will also offer a commemorative print issue annually to members of AAA.

“Our goal, first and foremost, is to respond to the needs of our members, readers, and contributors,” said Director of Publishing Melissa Schmidt.  “We want our programs and platforms to reflect how writers write, and how readers read.”

The extensive archive of Anthropology News content and PDFs of print issues can be found on AnthroSource. Content published from 2019 onward can also be found on the AAA website, where it is open for everyone.

Contributions are invited to Anthropology News through calls for pitches and personal invitations. Ideas for timely topics are always welcomed through gro.orhtnanacirema@na. To list your organization in AnthroGuide, please contact gro.orhtnanacirema@ediug.