AAA Announces New Executive Board, MPAAC, and Section Leadership Positions

The American Anthropological Association is pleased to announce that several members are stepping into leadership positions on the Executive Board, Members’ Programmatic, Advisory, and Advocacy Committee (MPAAC), and within our Sections.  

The following members have joined the AAA Executive Board:  

  • President-Elect (2-year term, followed by 2-year term as President) Carolyn Rouse  
  • Executive Board Archaeology Seat (3-year term) Sarah Jackson  
  • Executive Board Biological Seat (3-year term) Jennifer Raff  
  • Executive Board Linguistic Seat (3-year term) Joel Kuipers  
  • Executive Board Undesignated Seat (3-year term) Dominic Boyer 

To see the full AAA Executive Board, log into the Community Hub. 

MPAAC, convened by the Executive Board to help respond to AAA member needs and interests, is also welcoming several new committee members.

New MPAAC leadership includes: 

  • Chair: M. Gabriela Torres 
  • Sub-Chair: Emily Metzner 
  • Sub-Chair: Carolyn Rouse 
  • Anti-Racism/Social Justice Seat: Justin Haruyama  
  • Ethics Seat: Alison Dundes Renteln  
  • Practicing/Professional Seat: Teruko Mitsuhara  
  • Student Seat: Tyanna Slobe  
  • World Anthropologies Seat: Lucia Isabel Stavig 

For a full list of MPAAC seats and to get in touch with a seat specific to your issue, visit the committee’s website page 

New AAA Nominations Committee Members

  • Biological Seat (3-year term) Achsah Dorsey  
  • Linguistic Seat (3-year term) Elise Berman  
  • Undesignated Seat (3-year term) Mary Gray 

New Section Leadership

American Ethnological Society

  • President-Elect (2-year term) Carole McGranahan  
  • Councilor (4-year term) Doreen Lee  

Anthropology & Environment Section

  • President-Elect (2-year term) Nikhil Anand  
  • At-Large Seat (2-year term) Juliet Erazo  
  • At-Large Seat (2-year term) Tom Özden-Schilling Bastian Thomsen  
  • Student Seat (2-year term) Janaki Mohanachandran 

Anthropology of Consciousness

  • At-Large Seat (anthropologist) (3-year term) Lisa L. Gezon  
  • At-Large Seat (non-anthropologist) (3-year term) Richard Choquette  
  • Student Seat (3-year term) James Roszel  

Archaeology Division

  • President-Elect (2-year term, followed by 2-year term as President) Christopher B. Rodning  
  • Editor-Elect/Program Editor (3-year term) Verónica Pérez Rodríguez  
  • Social Media Seat (2-year term) Rachel Horowitz  
  • At-Large Practicing Professional (2-year term) Jay V. Haigler  

Association for Feminist Anthropology

  • President-Elect (2-year term, followed by 2-year term as President) Elise Andaya  
  • Secretary (3-year term) Brady G’sell  
  • Program Chair (3-year term) Dinah Hannaford  
  • At-Large Seat (3-year term) Mythri Jegathesan  

Association for Political and Legal Anthropology

  • President-Elect (2-year term, followed by 2-year term as President) Elif Babul 

Association for Queer Anthropology

  • Co-Chair (2-year term) Zhiqiu Benson Zhou  
  • Treasurer (2-year term) Brian A. Horton  

Association for the Anthropology of Policy

  • Secretary-Treasurer (3-year term) Aaron Thornburg  
  • Student Seat (2-year term) Christopher C. Fuglestad  

Association of Black Anthropologists

  • President-Elect (2-year term) Todne Thomas  
  • Secretary/Treasurer (2-year term) Bertin M. Louis, Jr.  

 Association of Indigenous Anthropologists

  • President-Elect (2-year term, followed by 2-year term as President) Courtney Lewis  
  • Secretary-Treasurer (2-year term) Terry Scott Ketchum  
  • Student Seat (1-year term) Viki Eagle  

Association of Latina/o and Latinx Anthropologists

  • Secretary/Treasurer (3-year term) Cecilia Vasquez  

Association of Senior Anthropologists

  • Treasurer (2-year term) Margo Smith  
  • At-Large Seat (2-year term) Richard Feinberg  
  • Student Seat (2-year term) Dillion Cartwright  

Biological Anthropology Section

  • At-Large Seat (2-year term) Michelle Cameron  
  • Secretary-Treasurer (3-year term) Marc Kissel  

Council for Museum Anthropology

  • At-Large Seat (2-year term)—2 positions Sowparnika Balaswaminathan, Annissa Malvoisin  
  • At-Large Seat (2-year term)—2 positions Jason Baird Jackson, Amanda Guzmán  
  • Student Seat (2-year term) Molli Ann Pauliot  

Council on Anthropology and Education

  • President-Elect (1-year term, followed by a 1-year term as President and one year as Past President) Char Ullman  
  • At-Large Seat (3-year term) Sarah Newcomer  

Critical Urban Anthropology Association

  • Councilor (3-year term) Omnia Khalil  

Culture and Agriculture

  • President-Elect (1-year term) Seth Murray  
  • Secretary-Treasurer (2-year term) Maia Dedrick  
  • At-Large Seat (web) (2-year term) Sarah Franzen  

General Anthropology Division

  • Communications Officer (2-year term) Joshua Babcock  
  • Membership and Events Officer (2-year term) Lisa Cuellar  
  • At-Large Seat (2-year term) Sarah Grant  

Middle East Section

  • President-Elect (2-year term, followed by 2-year term as President) Zainab Saleh  
  • Secretary (3-year term) Eda Pepi  
  • At-large Seat (3-year term) Narges Bajoghli  

National Association for the Practice of Anthropology

  • President-Elect (2-year term) Suanna Crowley  
  • Secretary (2-year term) Briana Nichols  
  • At-Large Seat (2-year term) Abby Vidmar  
  • Student Seat (2-year term) Eric Gauldin  

Society for Anthropological Sciences

  • President-Elect (2-year term followed by 2-year term as President and 2-year term as Past President) Max Stein  
  • Secretary (2-year term) Sevgi Demiroğlu  
  • At-Large Seat (3-year term) Michael Thomas  
  • Student Seat (2-year term) Elizabeth Bingham Thomas  

Society for East Asian Anthropology

  • President-Elect (2-year term) Hyang Jin Jung  
  • Councilor (2-year term)-2 positions Isaac Gagne, Nan Kim  
  • Student Seat (2-year term) Xinyu Guan  

Society for Economic Anthropology

  • President-Elect (1-year term) Daniel Murphy  
  • Secretary (3-year term) Brie Berry  
  • At-Large Seat (3-year term) – Erika Kuever, Heangjin Park, Nishita Trisal  
  • At-Large Seat (Archaeology) (3-year term) Brigitte Kovacevich  
  • Student Seat (2-year term) Seyma Kabaoglu  

Society for Humanistic Anthropology

  • President-Elect (2-year term followed by 2-year term as President and 2-year term as Past President) Petra Rethmann  
  • At-Large Seat (3-year term)- Kristina M. Jacobsen, Tamara Kohn, Amina Tawasil 
  • At-Large Seat (2-year term) – Rose Wellman, Helena Wulff  

Society for Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology

  • Treasurer (3-year term) Julio Villa-Palomino  
  • Prizes/Awards Councilor (3-year term) Kenneth Seligson  
  • Nominations Councilor (3-year term) Kate McGurn Centellas  
  • Councilor AN (3-year term) Shaozeng Zhang  
  • Councilor Website (3-year term) Benjamin Junge  
  • Student Councilor (3-year term) Tannya Islas  

Society for Linguistic Anthropology

  • President-Elect (2-year term) Jillian R. Cavanaugh  
  • Secretary-Treasurer (3-year term) Netta Avineri  
  • At-Large Seat (3-year term) Kathryn Graber  

Society for Medical Anthropology

  • At-Large Seat (3-year term)- William Lucas, Carlos Martinez, Jane Leslie Saffitz  
  • At-Large Seat (2-year term) Kristen Hedges  

Society for Psychological Anthropology

  • President-Elect (1-year term followed by a 2-year term as President) Jason Throop  
  • At-Large Seat (3-year term) Mara Buchbinder  

Society for the Anthropology of Europe

  • Secretary (2-year term) Lauren Crossland-Marr  
  • Treasurer (2-year term) Elizav Elżbieta (Ela) Drążkiewicz  
  • Program Chair-Elect (2-year term) Ida Susser  
  • Projects Chair (2-year term) Tracey Heatherington
  • At-Large Seat (2-year term) Grazia Ting Deng  

Society for the Anthropology of Food and Nutrition

  • Secretary-Treasurer (2-year term) Shannon Caplan  

Society for the Anthropology of North America

  • President (2-year term, followed by 2-year term as Past President) Angela Stuesse
  • President Elect (2 year term, followed by 2-year term as President) Ana Croegaert
  • Secretary (2-year term) Melissa Checker
  • Treasurer (2-year term) Jennifer Erickson
  • Member At-Large (3-year term) Shalini Shankar

Society for the Anthropology of Religion

  • Treasurer (2-year term) Jacob Hickman  
  • At-Large Seats (2-year terms)— Michael Edwards, Angie Heo, Candace Lukasik, Elayne Oliphant  

Society for the Anthropology of Work

  • Secretary (3-year term) Alexander Blanchette  
  • Student Seat (2-year term) Ramsha Usman  

Society for Visual Anthropology

  • At-Large Seats (3-year term) – Antonio Coello, Nell Haynes, Steven Rousso-Schindler, Matthew Raj Webb

For any questions, please feel free to contact us.