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The AAA is closely watching the outrageous and unprovoked Russian military invasion of Ukraine unfold. We are signing on to statements/letters of support through sister societies and will also soon be announcing a "teach-in" organized by our Society for the Anthropology of Europe, including colleagues from Ukraine. It is important to raise our voices in outrage and call for a cessation of hostilities and to also recognize that many of our colleagues in Russia are strongly opposed to the Putin regime’s actions but would be vulnerable to retribution if they voiced their disagreement. We also recognize the difficulties that Ukrainian people and their diverse international emigrants face as they flee the violence. The broader realities and needs of displacement for the African, South Asian, and other people impacted by this horrid invasion need to be addressed as well. As a scholarly and professional society, we are in a position to raise wider awareness about the cultural, historical, and political context in which this outrageous invasion is occurring, and are opening up our AnthroSource archives to feature articles that are relevant to the events taking place in Ukraine. In addition, we will be pointing people to a number of resources being mobilized to coordinate a humanities and social science data rescue and website crawl to aggregate information online before it is lost. Please watch the AAA All-Member Community for additional information soon, and please hold our Ukrainian colleagues and their families in your thoughts.

Sister Society Statements


Razom for Ukraine (Together with Ukraine)

Ukraine Under Attack: How To Help

Humanitarian Aid for People with Disabilities in Ukraine

Doctors Without Borders


Word Central Kitchen

Connect with your local Ukrainian Culture Center to support at a local and global level:

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