AAA Community Engagement Grants offers grants up to $5,000 total for AAA sections to support events that engage communities and extend Anthropology’s reach beyond the Annual Meeting. These funds are dispersed between the sections. There are no restrictions on the kind of event that may be proposed, but the funds must be used for rental of off-site space in the Annual Meeting host city, food for the event, AV, local transportation to the event, or for an honorarium for a community leader. While the event is meant to be place based, compelling virtual events would be considered. The event must be open to all AAA meeting attendees.

Please fill out this application form by April 15, 2024. If you have questions, please contact Ashley Bruckner, Manager of Membership and Section Relations.

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Individuals or organizations that will collaborate with the section to put on the event.

Community Engagement

How it contributes to engaging local communities, enriching the annual meeting, and/or building partnerships with local organizations.
How much is requested and for which costs. Note: costs are limited for up to $5,000 toward cost of renting space, food, AV, local transportation, or honorarium for a local community leader.
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