Section Memberships

National Association for the Practice of Anthropology (NAPA)

NAPA promotes human-centered work applied to practical problems by linking a network of professional anthropologists working across employment sectors. We support all anthropologists in bringing real solutions to communities, organizations, and policymakers, by offering advocacy, information, networks, mentoring, and continuing education.

National Association of Student Anthropologists (NASA)

The National Association of Student Anthropologists (NASA) is the student section of the American Anthropological Association. NASA was founded in 1985 to address graduate and undergraduate student concerns and to promote the interests and involvement of students as anthropologists-in-training. NASA is a four-field network of students, which directly addresses issues that are of interest to both undergraduate and graduate students — including finding jobs, attending graduate school, fieldwork programs, and networking.

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Society for Anthropological Sciences (SAS)

The Society for Anthropological Sciences (SAS) was organized as a section of the American Anthropological Association to promote empirical research and social science in anthropology. The members of SAS want to further the development of anthropological science as empirical knowledge based on testable theory, sound research design and systematic methods for the collection and analysis of data. We seek to fulfill the historic mission of anthropology to describe and explain the range of variation in human biology, society, and culture across time and space.

The stated objective of the SAS is to advance the scientific study of human societies through scholarly meetings, publications, and related activities. The SAS also advances the dissemination of anthropological knowledge within the scientific community, to other educators, and to the broader general public. The SAS encourages active student participation and facilitates student incorporation into the professional research community.

  • Professional $10
  • Retired $10
  • Students $0
  • Assoc $10
  • LDC* $10

Society for Anthropology in Community Colleges (SACC)

The Society for Anthropology in Community Colleges (SACC) is a network of people who teach anthropology in community colleges, two-year and four-year colleges, universities and pre-collegiate institutions. A section of the American Anthropological Association (AAA), SACC was founded in 1978 to encourage dialogue and collaboration among teachers of anthropology across sub-disciplines and institutional settings, and to promote excellence in the teaching of anthropology.

Society for Anthropology of North America (SANA)

The goal of the Society for the Anthro­pology of North Amer­ica (SANA) is to address the need for a focused voice and insti­tutional pre­sence for the Anthro­po­logy of the Uni­ted States, Can­ada, and Mex­ico.

Society for Cultural Anthropology (SCA)

The Society for Cultural Anthropology (SCA), a section of the American Anthropological Association, constitutes a continuing effort to think expansively about the anthropological endeavor. Founded in the 1980s to highlight a concern for culture and to foster interdisciplinary connections, the Society is dedicated to interrogating and challenging the boundaries of the discipline. We welcome new points of view and approaches to a world forever in a state of becoming.

  • Digital Publication: Cultural Anthropology
  • Professional $55
  • Retired $35
  • Students $20
  • Assoc $35
  • LDC* $15
  • Sustaining** $100

Society for East Asian Anthropology (SEAA)

SEAA is committed to developing international channels of communication among anthropologists throughout the world. We hope to promote discussion and share information on diverse topics related to the anthropology of Taiwan, PRC, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea; other societies/cultures of Asia and the Pacific Basin with historical or contemporary ties to East Asia; and diasporic societies/cultures identified with East Asia.

  • Professional $15
  • Retired $5
  • Students $5
  • Assoc $15
  • LDC* $15
  • Sustaining** $35

Society for Economic Anthropology (SEA)

The purposes for which the SEA is formed are to stimulate interest, research, and teaching in economic anthropology. To encourage discussion of economic anthropology, and to further the publication of studies in economic anthropology.

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Society for Humanistic Anthropology (SHA)

The Society for Humanistic Anthropology (SHA) was first discussed at the 1974 meeting of the American Anthropological Association in Mexico City to open a dialogue on the means by which anthropologists might effectively evoke, represent, or give account of the human subject both visually and in writing. In 1975, a new scholarly society was born.

Society for Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology (SLACA)

SLACA provides a forum for discussion of current research, scholarly trends, and human rights concerns, as well as a space for interchange among scholars from and who work in Latin America and the Caribbean.

* International Special Rates are section membership dues for World Bank designated Less Developed Countries (LDC).
** Sustaining Member dues are the section membership dues PLUS a donation to the section.