Section Memberships

Association of Indigenous Anthropologists

Association of Indigenous Anthropologists (AIA)

American anthropology was largely founded upon the study of American Indians, both present and past, and until the last few decades there were few professional anthropologists able to claim tribal enrollment. Although the number today remains miniscule, the AIA does exist to provide support, encouragement, and mentoring for Natives interested in anthropology. The purpose of Association of Indigenous Anthropologists (AIA) is to

  • advance anthropological study relating to Indigenous peoples, both past and present;
  • support and encourage the professional development of members by supporting a forum for respectful and engaged discussion of common issues and current work;
  • provide a network for the support and encouragement of Indigenous undergraduate and graduate students of anthropology;
  • increase intellectual exchange by sponsoring symposia, sessions, workshops, exhibitions and publications; advance and facilitate stronger ties between Indigenous communities and the field of anthropology;
  • encourage professional work that will benefit both the discipline of anthropology and Indigenous communities.
  • Professional $10
  • Retired $10
  • Students $5
  • Assoc $10
  • LDC* $10
Association of Latina/o & Latinx Anthropologists (ALLA)

Association of Latina/o and Latinx Anthropologists (ALLA)

ALLA’s mission is:

  • To support student and early career scholars working toward excellence in anthropological research and practice by, with, and about Latinx peoples in the U.S., however they are identified;
  • To highlight scholarship and practice that is ideologically, epistemologically, and methodologically substantive and diverse;
  • To enable a sustained diverse analysis of contemporary issues facing Latinx communities in the U.S. and those with whom they share common experiences, histories, or languages.
  • Professional $20
  • Retired $20
  • Students $10
  • Assoc $20
  • LDC* $20
  • Sustaining** $40
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Association of Senior Anthropologists (ASA)

The Association of Senior Anthropologists (ASA) offers senior and retired anthropologists a continuing presence and voice in the discipline, allowing them to put their accumulated knowledge and insights to significant use.

  • Professional $15
  • Retired $15
  • Students $15
  • Assoc $15
  • LDC* $15
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Biological Anthropology (BAS)

The Biological Anthropology Section (BAS) of the American Anthropological Association (AAA) comprises a wide range of anthropologists and students whose interests converge on questions related to the evolution and biological development of humans from a comparative perspective. Specific areas of interest include the study of non-human primates as models for understanding the evolutionary and ecological processes that shaped the biology and behavior of humans and our ancestors, studies of the fossil record of humans and hominids that reveal patterns of evolutionary change, and studies of the biology and genetics of modern humans for insights into adaptation and variation.

  • Professional $25
  • Retired $25
  • Students $5
  • Assoc $25
  • LDC* $25

Council for Museum Anthropology (CMA)

The mission of the Council for Museum Anthropology (CMA) is to foster the development of anthropology in the context of museums and related institutions.

We are an all-volunteer membership section of the American Anthropological Association that serves scholars, practitioners, and students across the fields of anthropology, museology, cultural heritage, folklore, social studies of science, art history, history, and many more.

  • Digital Publication: Museum Anthropology
  • Professional $30
  • Retired $30
  • Students $5
  • Assoc $30
  • LDC* $30
  • Sustaining** $60
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Council on Anthropology and Education (CAE)

Founded in 1968, CAE is dedicated to the advancement of scholarship on schooling in social and cultural contexts, and on human learning both inside and outside of schools.

The mission of the Council on Anthropology and Education is to advance anti-oppressive, socially equitable, and racially just solutions to educational problems through research using anthropological perspectives, theories, methods, and findings.

Critical Urban Anthropology Association (CUAA)

CUAA particularly focuses on the interrelationships of urban, national, and transnational processes as they affect and are affected by the everyday social and cultural lives of people living, acting, and struggling in particular places, anthropology’s traditional area of concern.

Culture and Agriculture (C&A)

C&A aims to develop the study and understanding of agrarian systems from a holistic, social science perspective, and to link academics and practitioners concerned with agrarian issues, agricultural development, and agricultural systems through dissemination of scientific research, encouragement of effective instruction, and to encourage application of knowledge to public policy.

General Anthropology Division (GAD)

One of the largest, most diverse sections of the American Anthropological Association, the General Anthropology Division (GAD) is an evolving coalition that connects and celebrates anthropology across the span of contemporary subfields, multidisciplinary inquiries, and publics. Cross-disciplinary engagement and small-group governance make GAD a home in the AAA for those whose interests transgress disciplinary categorization.

Middle East Section (MES)

The Middle East Section (MES) of the American Anthropological Association convenes anthropologists with an interest in the peoples, cultures and histories of the Middle East. Our membership is noteworthy for its disciplinary diversity: socio-cultural anthropologists, linguistic anthropologists, physical anthropologists and archaeologists, as well as practicing anthropologists from these subdisciplines, all participate actively in the section, and our membership thrives on the participation of members from the United States, the Middle East, and from other parts of the world.

  • Professional $20
  • Retired $20
  • Students $10
  • Assoc $20
  • LDC* $20

* International Special Rates are section membership dues for World Bank designated Less Developed Countries (LDC).
** Sustaining Member dues are the section membership dues PLUS a donation to the section.