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Job of the Future: Digital Anthropology Meets Data Science

Date: Wednesday, September 27 at 9:00 -10:00 AM ET


This panel will discuss how digital anthropologists can use data science to help us better understand people and communities in the “Phygital” world, and why this growing field is a critical “Job of the Future” across the public and private sector. This panel discussion–featuring experts from digital anthropology, data science, journalism, social media and tech –will delve deeply into how this field will play a role in AI, combat online extremism and violence and support a more equal and ethical digital future. Non-anthropologists and anthropologists alike are warmly welcome!


  • Cristian Huepe, Co-director, Social Listening Lab (SoL-UC), Universidad Católica de Chile.
  • Himanshu Panday, Co-founder, Dignity in Difference
  • Matt Artz, Founder of Azimuth Labs
  • James Ingram, Founder of the Liiv Center & CEO of TelmarHelixa
  • Christine Burke, VP Cultural Insights, TelmarHelixa


  • Katie Hillier, Chief Digital Anthropologist, Liiv Center

Fees: Free for members and non-members


Department Climate and Academic Workload in Anthropology Departments

Date: Wednesday, October 18 at 1-2 PM EDT

Scholars of intersectional identities face unique challenges in their departments including disproportionate workloads, excessive service assignments, and additional mentorship obligations. Patricia A. Matthew, an English department faculty member at Montclair State University, describes these extra commitments as “invisible labor” - because institutions do not value this labor with the currency they typically use to reward faculty work: reappointment, tenure, and promotion. This webinar session, hosted by SSRC PROGRESS, is structured around a participant-led discussion of two case studies, with two discussion facilitators to support a meaningful dialogue on issues of department climate and academic workload/career advancement. The ultimate goal of this session is to have an open discussion of both challenges and successes in employing DEI interventions in anthropology departments.

PROGRESS is an NSF ADVANCE adaptation grant program that addresses organizational policies and procedures related to advisory board formation, peer review, and fellowship/awards conferment to ensure that diversity, equity, and inclusion measures are meaningful and effective. Housed within the Social Science Research Council, PROGRESS partners with five disciplinary associations - the American Anthropological Association, the American Economic Association, the American Historical Association, the American Political Science Association, and the American Sociological Association.


  • Veronica Zepeda, Program Director, Sloan Scholars Mentoring Network - Social Science Research Council
  • Fred Palm, VP of Administration and Operations, P.I. of PROGRESS - Social Science Research Council

Fees: Free for members and non-members



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