We’re not currently accepting applications for the Anthropology Photo Contest. Feel free to check out the 2023 winners and please check back for information on the 2024 contest.

Anthropologists work all around the world in a diverse range of careers, and we want to highlight them. Photographs can be anything you believe relates to your work, in the field, lab, or classroom. In addition to being featured on the AAA website and social media accounts, select photo contest images will be featured in the AAA Annual Report and the Anthropology News print edition.

Anthropology Photo Contest Guidelines:

  • Applicants must be a current member of the AAA at the time of submission.
  • Photo contestants may submit up to three photos of their work, but only one will potentially be featured in the calendar.
  • For each photo please include a title, caption that provides information on when, where, why the photographer made the photo, how the image relates to the field of anthropology, and an image description that provides access to blind and low-vision viewers, as well as anyone who needs support processing visuals.
  • Photographs must be your own work.
  • Selected photos for the calendar will be printed at 11×8 dimensions, photos that are not in landscape orientation will be cropped to fit the 11×8 layout. Images need to be a high-quality resolution, minimum 300 pixels per inch.
  • To be considered for the AAA Calendar, photos must be saved and uploaded correctly. The photos need to be first name underscore last name underscore photo number (1, 2 or 3). For example: FirstName_LastName_Photo1
  • The photographs may not portray any nudity or illicit activity.

After the applications close and the photos are processed, qualifying entries will be put up for a public vote. The votes will be tallied, and the top 12 photos, from 12 different AAA members, will be featured in the AAA Annual Report.

Please keep in mind that you will be submitting through our Awards process. To submit login or register in our Awards Platform. Click “Start submission”. Under application select “2023 Anthropology Photo Contest” and fill out the required information.

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