Policy and Procedures for Issuing AAA Statements

To enhance transparency and overall accountability regarding AAA policy and advocacy statement-making procedures, the Executive Board recently approved recommendations to amend the AAA Public Policy Statement review process. The recommendations, provided by the Task Force on AAA Procedures for Producing Public Policy Statements (background), are designed to provide a clear and concise overview of the entire statement process.

The new policy statement-making process is a strategic decision that enhances organizational efficiency, communication, and overall effectiveness. A flow chart is also included to ensure the process is transparent, standardized, and accessible, contributing to the successful development and issuance of impactful policy and advocacy statements.

The Task Force recommendations, which include a revised statement review and submission process, are based on the assessments from the Working Group for AAA Public Policy Statements final report; additional formal and informal interviews with AAA stakeholders including leadership, staff, section presidents, and members; and a review of statement procedures from sister professional associations.

The Task Force was cha