AAA and the AAAS Human Rights Coalition

The American Anthropological Association recognizes the connections between human rights and anthropology, from the rights of anthropologists to conduct their work without fear of harassment or intimidation to the responsibility to act in accordance with human rights, from the opportunities to apply anthropological knowledge in the service of human rights, to the need to ensure equality of opportunity in learning about anthropology and developing a professional career in this field.

AAA and the AAAS Science and Human Rights Coalition

The American Anthropological Association is a member of the AAAS Science and Human Rights Coalition, a network of scientific, engineering and health membership organizations that recognize the role of science and scientists in the promotion and protection of human rights.

The Coalition is devoted to:

  1. Bridge-building and coordinating, both within the scientific community – among scientific associations and across disciplines – and between the scientific and human rights communities
  2. Education and capacity-building, within scientific associations and within the human rights community.

The AAA’s membership in the Coalition creates multiple opportunities for leadership, engagement and participation in efforts at the intersections of science, technology and human rights.

  • Meetings: the Coalition’s meetings provide an opportunity to learn and engage in robust discussions about contemporary themes at the intersections of human rights, science and technology (e.g., climate change, water, big data), and to further the Coalition goals through project meetings, workshops, and leadership discussions. Meeting information, including video archives, is available here.
  • Projects: the Coalition is focused on getting work done, from building the capacity of human rights organizations to use scientific methods in their research, to developing teaching materials on human rights for STEM curricula, to bringing institutional change within member organizations. Current opportunities for involvement are presented on the Coalition website.

AAA’s Human Rights Activities

Learn more about AAA’s human-rights-related work using the links below: