Accessibility Tips, Tricks, & Tools

AAA encourages our members and partners to support collective access (a term by Mia Mingus and Sins Invalid). This “Accessibility Tips, Tricks, & Tools” page acts as a directory that will redirect you to various resources we have developed to best support you as you prepare for your event and/or presentation, whether it is a live virtual event or pre-recorded content.

Do you need more details about how to create an accessible virtual presentation?

Check out the Virtual Presentation Guidelines page!

Do you want a quick breakdown of the above guidelines?

Check out the Guidelines Highlights page!

Do you need to learn more about image and visual descriptions?

Check out the Image Descriptions page!

Tip: You should always create your visual descriptions and practice them prior to any presentation!

Are you wanting to learn more about creating an Accessible PowerPoint?

Check out the Accessible PowerPoint Tips page!

Are you wanting to learn more about creating Accessible Word Documents?

Check out the Accessible Word Tips page!

Are you wanting to learn more about creating Accessible PDFs?

Check out the Accessible PDF Tips page!

Tip: If you don’t have access to Acrobat Pro, reach out to your institution to see if they can purchase a license for you related to accessibility. If your institution is unable to support you, we encourage you to contact us through the “Accessibility” selection for support.

Are you hosting a virtual meeting?

Check out the Hosting Accessible Virtual Meetings page!