AAA Statement on Laws and Policies Discriminating against LGB Persons

(adopted January 1995)

WHEREAS the discipline of anthropology is the study of human commonalities and diversities; and

WHEREAS anthropology recognizes, accepts and values human diversity; and

WHEREAS some states and local municipalities have anti-sodomy laws and/or laws which exclude gay, lesbian and bisexual people from civil rights protection;

THEREFORE, be it resolved that the American Anthropological Association will henceforth sign no contracts for any of its annual meetings in any state or local municipality which has such laws or policies discriminating against lesbian, gay or bisexual persons at the time of the signing the contract.

This resolution had been endorsed previously by the AAA Commission on Lesbian and Gay Issues in Anthropology and the AAA Executive Board. Ralph Bolton (Pomona) and Susan Philips (Arizona), the formal proposers of the resolution, explained the rationale for and importance of approving the resolution.

The resolution was approved unanimously.

Download the statement (PDF)