AAA Statement on Response to Accusations in the Anthropology Newsletter

(adopted January 1995)

WHEREAS the Anthropology Newsletter (AN) offers members opportunities to express views of ethical issues affecting the profession, And whereas a member, to express her/his views fully, may feel it necessary on occasion to accuse another Association member of wrongdoing, And whereas the member accused should be given timely opportunity to respond fully to the charges,

THEREFORE, be it resolved
(1) the person accused should be the opportunity to respond fully in the same edition of the AN in which the charge of wrong doing appears;
(2) the person accused should be given two weeks to prepare a response, and
(3) publication of the original article should be delayed only if the person accused cannot meet the two-week deadline for good reason (e.g., overseas field research, illness). It is understood that the AN reserves the right to edit a response as with any submission to the AN.