Hints for a Successful Nomination

The Personal Statement:

  • The personal statement has no page or word count limit. On average, nominees write 2-3 paragraphs.
  • In your statement, explain why you should be a nominee for a particular position. What special background, experience, expertise, skills, and outlook make you a good candidate?
  • Previous leadership experience is important, especially for AAA board positions. Talk about your leadership experience in and out of AAA. You can refer to your experience in your personal statement and/or Resume/CV.
  • You are not writing a bio so do not simply list your degrees, positions, and projects. Your job is to write a persuasive account—a narrative—about why you should be selected as a candidate.
  • The Nominations Committee makes its candidate selections based on the materials you present. The richer your materials, the better your chances of being selected as a candidate.
  • If you self-nominate for more than one position, tailor your personal statement for each position.

The Resume/CV

  • The Resume/CV you submit is limited to one
  • Most nominees include their education, work experience, leadership roles on projects and initiatives, and participation in AAA or AAA Section activities and committees.
  • Include details that are relevant for the position you are seeking. How has your background prepared you to take on that position and be effective in it? For example, volunteer or pro bono work you have done in the past, or knowledge and skills that may be useful in the position you are seeking (e.g., policy process, program management) may be quite pertinent.

The Letter of Support

  • A single support letter is important. It can be written by a peer (e.g., friend, colleague) or by someone with whom you have worked or studied (e.g., employer, professor).
  • The supporter does not need to be a member of the AAA to write the letter on your behalf.
  • The support letter should be substantive. It should explain why the nominee would be a good choice for a particular leadership position. A repetition of points from the nominee’s Resume/CV will not provide new information to the Nominations Committee. Instead, the supporter should offer examples that enable the Committee to understand the nominee better.

Try, Try Again

  • If you’ve been a nominee in the past but were not selected as a candidate, try again! Each year the pool of nominees is very different in size and in composition, so each election cycle offers a new chance for you to be successful. We plan to offer workshops and make available other resources to assist you in the nominations process!