Finance Committee


To ensure the financial stability of the American Anthropological Association through the ongoing assessment and monitoring of AAA’s annual operating budget, investment portfolio, grants and contribution activities, and annual audit report. Periodically develop, review, and/or modify financial and investment policy guidelines and financial performance benchmarks in support of AAA’s long-range plan. Make recommendations, as appropriate, to Executive Board.

Duration of Committee


Committee Reports to

The Executive Board


  • Establish and monitor specific long term and annual financial performance benchmarks with regard to the investment portfolio, grants and contributions, reserve fund, annual operating budget, etc. in support of AAA’s long range plan.
  • Review and recommend financial and accounting policies (e.g., endowment guidelines, etc.).
  • Review and modify, if appropriate, AAA Investment Policy Statement (IPS) Guidelines annually.
  • Review investment performance on a quarterly basis (i.e., formally at the Finance Committee meeting in the spring and fall; informally otherwise) and recommend changes within the IPS Guidelines with regard to asset allocation and investment managers.
  • Review and recommend the annual operating budget.
  • Accept the report of the audit committee at its spring meeting
  • Identify short and long-term fundraising goals, and review and monitor progress against accomplishing those goals.

AAA’s Socially Responsible Investment Policy

According to the AAA Investment Policy Statement, securities should fall under the classification of “Socially Responsible Assets” and, to the best of the managers’ ability, should specifically avoid companies that are broadly understood to:

  • Manufacture tobacco, weapons or ammunition (10% or more of the earnings derived from)
  • Use forced, compulsory or child labor
  • Not comply with national hour and wage laws/health and safety standards
  • Not have policies against discrimination regarding race, gender, religion, age, disability, or sexual orientation
  • Be substantially involved in the production and distribution of fossil fuels (coals, oil, natural gas, and their derivatives)

Membership and Appointment

  • Chair to be appointed by the AAA President
  • Five (5) other individuals selected by the AAA President for expertise in banking, not-for-profit or corporate finance, accounting, and/or investments is preferred. One of the individuals must be a past AAA President.
  • Ex-officio AAA President
  • Ex-officio AAA President-Elect

Term of Office

Four years except for President and President-elect.

Specific Criteria

One of the five members must be a past AAA President.


Develop reports, policy statements, and recommend actions to Executive Board

Meetings and Schedule

Semiannually; in spring and fall each year in advance of each Executive Board Meeting

Staff Liaison

Laura Roznovsky, Director of Operations & Finance, American Anthropological Association.

Contact Information

2300 Clarendon Boulevard, Suite 1301, Arlington, VA 22201, Phone: (703)528-1902, Fax: (703)528-3546.

Adopted by Executive Board

May 14, 2005

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