Susan Abbott-Jamieson

Susan Abbott-Jamieson, Ph.D.

University of Kentucky | Assoc Professor EmeritaMember since 1971

My Biography

Susan has a PhD, UNC-Chapel Hill 1974. She joined University of Kentucky as an Assistant Professor of Anthropology in 1974, and an Associate Professor in 1980; and served as dept chair 1990-1994. She also served as Director, Women’s Studies 1984-86. Held joint appointments in the College of Medicine in Psychiatry and Behavioral Science. Retired in 1998 and began an applied research and program-development position with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration(NOAA)/National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS). Served as Lead Social Scientist in the NMFS Office of Science and Technology from 2002-2011. Retired from NMFS in 2011. She completed research in Kenya and Eastern Kentucky analyzing people’s health and practices, gender roles, family structure. Her areas of specialization: psychological and medical anthropology; fisheries anthropology and environmental policy; oral history of occupations. Regional specialization: United States, Appalachian and other rural U.S.; Sub-Saharan Africa. Her research publications can be found through online searches for both S. Abbott and S. Abbott-Jamieson. Major research and applied projects carried out while at the NMFS can also be accessed through the NOAA/NMFS website. Led development of new cultural & social impact assessment program for NMFS, & the fisheries oral history database. Abbott-Jamieson’s first AAA annual meeting was in 1968.